Saturday, December 31, 2011

food sounds good right about now XP

so this has been a thing with me that ive noticed before. like whenever it gets to be like around 3 or 4 in the morning i start getting really hungary. and guess what?? im really hungary. but im also really tired. so what i should really be doing is deciding whether to go eat something or go to sleep. but is it like to get normal in the morning? so i just read the sentence that i just wrote and i think theres something wrong. .......................................................... i just figured out what is wrong with it. it makes no sense whatsoever. i think what i meant to type was "but is it normal to get hungary like really early in the morning or is it just a weird thing with me?" i remember being at my friends sleepover birthday party and eating like half a box of cheezeits at like 3 in the morning.

random question!

okay is it possible to get car sick while sitting in a chair in your house?
i think not but i was wondering because i was sitting on my spinny chair and i wasnt spinning or anything but i sorta felt just a teency weency bit car sick. like nothing really bad or anything. just weird. then again it is like really early in the morning.

if a dog were bred with a duck would it have fur or feathers?
yeah i know this is weird but i had walked downtown with one of my friends in the evening and we went into this shop where there was one full wall devoted just to rubber duck. there were all sorta of rubber ducks. big ones, small ones, ones painted like zebras, ones in police officer uniforms. you name it... they have it... with rubber ducks. anyway there was this dog/duck like it was in the shape of a duck and it didnt have legs or anything, just like the wings and tail, but it had a dog face and colorings. so then i started wondering if it would have fur or feathers if it were to be alive.

so i had more questions but i forgot them so yeah. anyway i had like completely forgotten about food until i looked at the title and remembered why i even started righting this blog. now im hungry again. darn. well i think i would rather go to bed but this time i actually mean in (most likely) XP

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