Thursday, December 29, 2011


Me with my mother's old film camera. (my mother is taking the picture)

The christmas tree that fell over 3 times.

The christmas tree again.

The neck of one of my guitars. (I was practicing with the automatic and manual focusing button)

Some flowers that my grandmother had that were really pretty.

The flowers again. (this time with the flash on)

One of the flowers.

The same flower again. (I really like this picture)

That same flower again. (I really like this picture too)

My grandmother's baby grand piano that I love to play.

In front of my house looking down the sidewalk. I thought this was a pretty cool shot. (this was where "Phil", "Fred", "Tonks", and I marched to "Bob's" house)

This is my cat Simon. Simon is a girl by the way.

Simie again.

And again.

Now she is getting irritated because I wouldn't get the camera out of her face and she wanted to sleep.

Now she is trying to get to sleep.

"Get that stinkin camera lens outta my face. Don't ya see I'm tryin to get a little shut eye here??"

An up close shot of Simie.

She finally got to sleep(:

A little dangly glass star wind chime thing that is hung from the ceiling.

An up close shot of one of the little twinkly tree lights that my mother strung up and down the 2x4s that make up our "railing".

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