Friday, December 23, 2011

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Okay so you probably know this already but IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! It's also like 41 degrees outside. And on Christmas day it's supposed to be 44 degrees/: It needs to snow. *does a little snow dance* Still not seeing any snow. *tries snow dance again* Well this isn't working. Anyone have a snow machine?? Anyway the point is I WANT SNOW!!!!! You probably figured that out already but oh well xD But my house is all decorated for Christmas and everything is all pretty(: On Christmas day a bunch of my family is coming over for dinner which is at like 2 O'clock. Since when is dinner at 2 in the afternoon? I usually only get out of bed at 1 in the afternoon :P Like today. Today all I have been doing is sitting around in sweat pants and a comfy shirt playing mario cart. But boys have been really confusing me. There is this one guy that I've liked since last year. But then there is this other guy who I don't know if I like him or not. It's confusing. Ooooh but on Wednesday the Trace (formerly known as the Sandlot Heroes) came and played for my school. The bass guitar player in the band, Jake, went to my elementary school and my middle school. How cool is that? Also the other three guys in the band are from my area too. If you've never heard of them YouTube the Trace (or the Sandlot Heroes) and listen to their music RIGHT NOW!! Also on Wednesday we got to hear about like how the Trace band got started and stuff. It was really cool. I was sitting next to my one friend "Bob" for that and we kept on making funny comments to each other. Like how there manager and everybody said that they should change their name to get more publicity and Bob and I were like to each other "one of the more popular bands is called the Beatles, that's a pretty weird name and they are known all over." And we kept on making comments like that. It was really funny. Then for the performance, I sat next to one of my best friends and we got separated from our class and we had to sit with one of the low track seventh grade classes and whenever people were clapping they were always of and it sorta annoyed me. But it was still fun(: Well I'm going to go now. Byeee!

Some of my favorite songs of The Trace's:
Out Of My Hands- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
Believer- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
So- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
Alone Anymore- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)

The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)

From left to right:  Ans, Danny, Jake (went to my school), and Chris.

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