Saturday, December 31, 2011

3am, tinkly things, school, bug, blue tongue.....yeah.....that

Okay so it's like the middle of the night and I have no clue why I'm even still awake. I told myself that I was going to go to bed before midnight and now it's like what the heck? I'm blogging and it's 3 in the freaking morning. I knew I should probably have gone to bed when I heard the creepy twinkly bell thingys but no I decided to stay up watching peoples vlogs and reading this harry potter fanfiction thingy. Okay so if anybodys actually reading this post your probably wondering "what the heck are creepy twinkly bell thingys?!?" And really that is a good question. I have been sitting at my computer for like 4 hours i think. im just going to forget about capitalization and all that jazz because i just realized that im actually pretty tired now. but dont worry i will finish this blog. so anyways it was like 1 in the morning and i was googleing the most random pictures and texting one of my best friends. then i started hearing this weird tinkling noise. and like my brain doesnt do to good with horror stories or anything. movies im pretty good with cuz i can just sit there and laugh through the whole thing. but depending on the horror story it can creep me out a bit. so theres this weird twinkly noise coming from behind me. i actually do have a windchime thing in my room so i turned around and it wasnt moving like at all. i feel like i say like too much. but yeah so i was just sitting there and every once in a while there would be this weird tinkly noise and it was like it was right above my head. it was really sorta creepy. and im not like a psycho person who imagines things a lot. so yeah it was just weird. but i havent heard it for like the past hour and a half or whatever. its 3 in the morning so dont expect my math to be to good. so now im trying to remember the point to this blog. if there was even one. i dont know. like as soon as i started typing it hit me that i was tired so i just like forgot everything. and now im rambling on about a lot of useless stuff that nobody probably wants to hear. gahhh its 3:30. im like so not looking forward to school. it starts on tuesday and yeah. school is just blahh. its deppressing and boring. what more can i say? and there is homework. thats the worst part. its like im at school for.... (trying and failing to count) a lot of hours then i gotta come home and do more work. how unfair is that. now there is this fruit fly that is annoying the hell out of me. i needs to go away. like now. somehow i always feel better when i blog. oh okay so my friend and i were having this conversation (it was about boys) and i was like "well im just going to do what my heart tells me to" and she was like "well what does your heart tell you to do?" and i was like "well my heart tells me to go outside with my camera and take gorgeous pictures but my brain tells me not to because the weird tinkly thing already creeped me out and there might be more tinkly things out there" see when it gets to be this late i start to not think quite rationaly. or even when im like really tired i dont think quite right. like in german class the week before break i had gotten like i dont know maybe 4 hours of sleep the night before so as you can imagine i was really tired. since it was like the week before christmas break we didnt do much. so towards the end of the class period there was nothing left for us to do so my teacher had us color these cards. that meant we had to fold them like cards. which means the edges need to be straight and even. i never knew how hard it was to fold something evenly with only 4 hours of sleep. see my body likes to get at least 8 hours sleep so thats like half my sleep time gone. my friend ended up having to fold it for me. then i sat in my chair for like 4 minutes figuring out what we were supposed to do. finally i figured out we were supposed to color it so i got out a pack of markers. i was staring at the pack of markers and i was looking at the blue marker and i was trying to imagine how it would look if my tongue were blue. i like really wanted to color my tongue blue. but then something clicked and made me realize that that might not be the best idea. so yeah i guess that was my sorta informal story time mixed in with a lot of random rambling. and tangets. so.....yeah.....that. and im to tired to go through and do spell check and im sure that my spelling is atrotious or whatever. well its getting close to 4 so i should go to sleep now.

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