Thursday, December 29, 2011

Horror Stories and Weird Dreams

Okay so on breaks and summer vacation and time off from school I typically stay up really late (or early) Like last night I stayed up until 3 in the morning. Just like the night before that night. (When I'm on break I don't keep track of what day it is.) I shall finish this post in a bit but right now I'm going to post some pictures(: Now since the pictures are up I shall finish the post. I guess it's time for another story time guys. Ready??

Story Time
 Okay so one of my best friends was texting me a bunch of horror stories. It was around 1 in the morning when she was telling them to me. She told me a bunch then she had to go to bed. My room was in need of some serious clean (and it still is) and I figured that if I read or was told a bunch of horror stories that I would have to stay up and I would be forced to clean my room out of boredom. I didn't count on the fact that I got sorta tired. I found this online website that has a bunch of horror stories and I was up till 3 in the morning reading them. The ones that my friend told me were scarier though I think. So around 3 in the morning I started getting really tired so I went to bed. I but Taylor Swift on my IPod and was listening to a bunch of her songs. I had to sing the lyrics along in my head in order to keep my mind from making up pictures to go along with the stories (which it did anyway). I woke up and my IPod was still playing. I didn't have any nightmares (It's pretty hard for me to have nightmares, it's the part where I'm lying in bed thinking that I don't like) but I had at least 3 weird dreams that night. I only remember part of 1 but it was really weird. I was in science class and I was in my normal seat, next to this kid who is sorta my friend I guess, he's pretty nice, (we shall call him "Bathilda"), and one of my best friends "Tonks" (the one that was telling me the horror stories) was sitting in the empty seat on the other side of me (like she usually does). So our science teacher made us watch this sciency movie for the class period and it was pretty boring as usual. So me and "Bathilda" were talking (I don't remember about what though) but it was weird. It was like he and these other two guys that I sorta like were all jumbled together into one. Now in real life "Bathilda" is going out with this girl (we shall call her "Splat"). I'm not very fond of "Splat" and somehow I don't think that she is very fond of me either. "Splat" and "Bathilda" never act like they are going out and I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up soon. Anyways, in my dream, this combination of "Bathilda" and these two other guys was still going out with "Splat" and they still didn't act like they were going out. So "Bathilda" and I were talking and somehow it got around to my hands. I don't know why we were talking about my hands but we were. So then "Bathilda" holds my hand in his hand for a little while and we continue watching the boring science movie. Then "Splat" turns around and gives both me and "Bathilda" dirty looks and "Bathilda" hold my hand for a moment or two before dropping it and looking a little embarrassed. For some reason I really enjoyed the fact that "Splat" was mad (or maybe even jealous?). It was a really weird dream xD Well I guess that accounts for today's story time. I shall try to think of a good story to tell tomorrow (later today I guess). Toodles all my blog readers :D

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