Monday, December 26, 2011

Wilkommen St. Nikolaus

AHHHH ;D Okay so I will explain the title a little later my friends. But first I just thought that you should know that for Christmas I got a new camera!!! It's a canon and it has a removable lens and it's very high tech. That means that I will be able to take a lot of photos that you guys out there will have the joy of seeing. I'm still experimenting so if anybody out there is a photographer please comment and give me some advice xP

Story Time

Now for the explanation of the title. Here goes. The language I'm taking in school is German. Now my German teacher loves coming up with all these creative projects for my class to do and I, being me, always wait 'till the last minute to do them. So last year we had to decorate a shoe to make it look Christmasy. Because apparently in Germany the kids decorate shoes and put them out on the front porch for St. Nikolaus to come and fill. (If you are in Germany and I told the story wrong, sorry. That's what my teacher told us.) So I made a little flag to stick in my shoe and I colored it like the German flag and wrote Wilkommen St. Nikolaus on it. That means welcome St. Nicolas in German. After my teacher graded the projects we got to take them home. Somehow the flag got separated from the boot and ended up on top of my dresser. Okay for the rest of the story I am going to use code names for my friends. Then one day (it was a Monday and school was closed the next day) my friends "Fred", "Tonks", and "Phil" came over. We had invited "Bob" but his parents made him clean his room so he couldn't come. "Bob" only lives around the corner from me. Okay so "Fred", "Tonks", and "Phil" were in my room with me. "Phil" and "Tonks" were explaining how sometimes they will be in class and their minds will wander and they will stare off into space and if they have a pencil or something in their hands I guess their brains will think that they don't need it so they will just randomly throw it across the room. Oh and get used to long run-on sentences by the way ;P So "Phil" felt the need to demonstrate how he just randomly throws things across the room and he got a pencil and threw it at "Tonks". Then "Tonks" decided to throw something at "Phil" and the two of them just started throwing stuff at each other... IN MY ROOM! Not a good idea. Next time my friends come over I am going to friend-proof my room, sorta like baby-proofing a room. This story also explains why I have lipstick on my wall, on my chair, and three places on my carpet. So "Tonks" and "Phil" were throwing stuff at each other and I was running around my room picking up everything and throwing it on my dresser or my bed. It was actually quite funny. So I have (had) like 5 things of lipstick on my dresser along with the German flag, the top of a lamp, and a bunch of other junk. Apparently one of them threw a thing of BRIGHT RED lipstick at the other one and the cap came off. "Phil" found the cap on the floor and it only took us a couple seconds to find were there was a huge smudge on the wall. Then later I found the stains on the chair and the carpet. Oh by the way for this story you should all know that I have a balcony right off of my room in the front of the house. Okay so "Phil" likes dropping things off of my balcony so he grabs the flag and the top of a small lamp from my dresser and throws them off of my balcony!! Then we had to all go downstairs and outside to retrieve them. Then instead of going back inside "Phil" decides to march up and down the sidewalk with the flag in one hand and his other hand in the "hail Hitler" position. (We are not against Jews or anything, in fact we respect other peoples beliefs, it was just a funny thing to do.) Then "Tonks" grabbed the top of the lamp and "Phil" and "Tonks" started walking down the sidewalk towards "Bob's" house. "Fred" and I ended up following because there was really nothing else to do. I then texted "Bob" and told him to come outside and he would see a parade marching towards his house. He ended up coming out and he asked his parents if he could stay out and they let him stay out for an hour or so. Oh and "Bob" lives right near some woods and the street he lives on isn't very busy, especially at like 10 (or around there) at night. So there we were, the five of us, standing in the middle of the street with a little German flag and part of a lamp. We laughed a whole lot that night. We also saw a fox that had probably come out of the woods to make it's nightly rounds of the neighborhood. Then "Bob" had to go and finish cleaning his room so "Fred", "Tonks", "Phil", and I came back to my house. A few years ago my parents got me a telescope. I have no clue how to use it but "Phil" does so he brought it out to my balcony and was showing me. We were looking at the stars and stuff for a bit and a little while later "Bob" finished cleaning and came over. We were all looking at stars and playing music and stuff. Then "Phil" pointed the telescope and focused it on a fairly bright star and told me to look at it. It was very bright indeed and quite big for a star. I started noticing odd looking rings around it. Finally "Bob" looked at it and that's when I realized we had just found Jupiter. It was really cool looking up at the sky like that. The moon was also very detailed and... well there's no other way to describe it other than amazing(: And that, my friends, is the story of Wilkommen St. Nikolaus!

And right at that cliff hanger (sort of) I gotta go. I'll add on to this same post later so make sure to re-read it in a bit.........and now.......... IT'S DONE!

This is like the lamp I had that the top came off of. The glowy things come out of the base.

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