Saturday, December 31, 2011

food sounds good right about now XP

so this has been a thing with me that ive noticed before. like whenever it gets to be like around 3 or 4 in the morning i start getting really hungary. and guess what?? im really hungary. but im also really tired. so what i should really be doing is deciding whether to go eat something or go to sleep. but is it like to get normal in the morning? so i just read the sentence that i just wrote and i think theres something wrong. .......................................................... i just figured out what is wrong with it. it makes no sense whatsoever. i think what i meant to type was "but is it normal to get hungary like really early in the morning or is it just a weird thing with me?" i remember being at my friends sleepover birthday party and eating like half a box of cheezeits at like 3 in the morning.

random question!

okay is it possible to get car sick while sitting in a chair in your house?
i think not but i was wondering because i was sitting on my spinny chair and i wasnt spinning or anything but i sorta felt just a teency weency bit car sick. like nothing really bad or anything. just weird. then again it is like really early in the morning.

if a dog were bred with a duck would it have fur or feathers?
yeah i know this is weird but i had walked downtown with one of my friends in the evening and we went into this shop where there was one full wall devoted just to rubber duck. there were all sorta of rubber ducks. big ones, small ones, ones painted like zebras, ones in police officer uniforms. you name it... they have it... with rubber ducks. anyway there was this dog/duck like it was in the shape of a duck and it didnt have legs or anything, just like the wings and tail, but it had a dog face and colorings. so then i started wondering if it would have fur or feathers if it were to be alive.

so i had more questions but i forgot them so yeah. anyway i had like completely forgotten about food until i looked at the title and remembered why i even started righting this blog. now im hungry again. darn. well i think i would rather go to bed but this time i actually mean in (most likely) XP

3am, tinkly things, school, bug, blue tongue.....yeah.....that

Okay so it's like the middle of the night and I have no clue why I'm even still awake. I told myself that I was going to go to bed before midnight and now it's like what the heck? I'm blogging and it's 3 in the freaking morning. I knew I should probably have gone to bed when I heard the creepy twinkly bell thingys but no I decided to stay up watching peoples vlogs and reading this harry potter fanfiction thingy. Okay so if anybodys actually reading this post your probably wondering "what the heck are creepy twinkly bell thingys?!?" And really that is a good question. I have been sitting at my computer for like 4 hours i think. im just going to forget about capitalization and all that jazz because i just realized that im actually pretty tired now. but dont worry i will finish this blog. so anyways it was like 1 in the morning and i was googleing the most random pictures and texting one of my best friends. then i started hearing this weird tinkling noise. and like my brain doesnt do to good with horror stories or anything. movies im pretty good with cuz i can just sit there and laugh through the whole thing. but depending on the horror story it can creep me out a bit. so theres this weird twinkly noise coming from behind me. i actually do have a windchime thing in my room so i turned around and it wasnt moving like at all. i feel like i say like too much. but yeah so i was just sitting there and every once in a while there would be this weird tinkly noise and it was like it was right above my head. it was really sorta creepy. and im not like a psycho person who imagines things a lot. so yeah it was just weird. but i havent heard it for like the past hour and a half or whatever. its 3 in the morning so dont expect my math to be to good. so now im trying to remember the point to this blog. if there was even one. i dont know. like as soon as i started typing it hit me that i was tired so i just like forgot everything. and now im rambling on about a lot of useless stuff that nobody probably wants to hear. gahhh its 3:30. im like so not looking forward to school. it starts on tuesday and yeah. school is just blahh. its deppressing and boring. what more can i say? and there is homework. thats the worst part. its like im at school for.... (trying and failing to count) a lot of hours then i gotta come home and do more work. how unfair is that. now there is this fruit fly that is annoying the hell out of me. i needs to go away. like now. somehow i always feel better when i blog. oh okay so my friend and i were having this conversation (it was about boys) and i was like "well im just going to do what my heart tells me to" and she was like "well what does your heart tell you to do?" and i was like "well my heart tells me to go outside with my camera and take gorgeous pictures but my brain tells me not to because the weird tinkly thing already creeped me out and there might be more tinkly things out there" see when it gets to be this late i start to not think quite rationaly. or even when im like really tired i dont think quite right. like in german class the week before break i had gotten like i dont know maybe 4 hours of sleep the night before so as you can imagine i was really tired. since it was like the week before christmas break we didnt do much. so towards the end of the class period there was nothing left for us to do so my teacher had us color these cards. that meant we had to fold them like cards. which means the edges need to be straight and even. i never knew how hard it was to fold something evenly with only 4 hours of sleep. see my body likes to get at least 8 hours sleep so thats like half my sleep time gone. my friend ended up having to fold it for me. then i sat in my chair for like 4 minutes figuring out what we were supposed to do. finally i figured out we were supposed to color it so i got out a pack of markers. i was staring at the pack of markers and i was looking at the blue marker and i was trying to imagine how it would look if my tongue were blue. i like really wanted to color my tongue blue. but then something clicked and made me realize that that might not be the best idea. so yeah i guess that was my sorta informal story time mixed in with a lot of random rambling. and tangets. so.....yeah.....that. and im to tired to go through and do spell check and im sure that my spelling is atrotious or whatever. well its getting close to 4 so i should go to sleep now.

Friday, December 30, 2011


New Title..... and surf boarding

So I got bored of looking at that long title so I changed it. So yeah..... Lately for some reason I have really wanted to learn how to surf board. I mean it looks like a lot of fun.
I like water.
I like beaches.
I like waves.
I like the ocean.
I like exitement.
I like feeling the wind whip through my hair.
I think I would like surf boarding. The only problem is that right now it is the middle of winter where I live and I have school so I can't go on vacation. Oh and another problem is that I don't have a teacher. I mean it's easy for me to learn musical instruments but surf boarding might be a challenge. But I like challenges so I want to learn how to surf board. But that might not happen any time soon. Maybe I'll post more later but for now I'm off.

Extremely Embarrassed :/

Okay so I like just called one of my friends houses by accident and its freaking 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!! I am like soooo embarrassed right now. Because where I live, people are supposed to be sleeping at 1:30 in the morning. It was horrible!!! My phone was in my pocket and I took it out and it said that I was connected with her house phone so I was like omg what do I do. So I put my ear up to the phone and I was like "Hello?" and then her mother was on the other line and she was like "Hello." I sorta think that I woke her up because she sounded sort of tired. So then I was like "Umm hi this is Hannah and umm I think I sorta called your house by accident." Omg it was like one of the most embarrassing moments of my life so far. I shall now go crawl into a hole. Toodles!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Me with my mother's old film camera. (my mother is taking the picture)

The christmas tree that fell over 3 times.

The christmas tree again.

The neck of one of my guitars. (I was practicing with the automatic and manual focusing button)

Some flowers that my grandmother had that were really pretty.

The flowers again. (this time with the flash on)

One of the flowers.

The same flower again. (I really like this picture)

That same flower again. (I really like this picture too)

My grandmother's baby grand piano that I love to play.

In front of my house looking down the sidewalk. I thought this was a pretty cool shot. (this was where "Phil", "Fred", "Tonks", and I marched to "Bob's" house)

This is my cat Simon. Simon is a girl by the way.

Simie again.

And again.

Now she is getting irritated because I wouldn't get the camera out of her face and she wanted to sleep.

Now she is trying to get to sleep.

"Get that stinkin camera lens outta my face. Don't ya see I'm tryin to get a little shut eye here??"

An up close shot of Simie.

She finally got to sleep(:

A little dangly glass star wind chime thing that is hung from the ceiling.

An up close shot of one of the little twinkly tree lights that my mother strung up and down the 2x4s that make up our "railing".

Horror Stories and Weird Dreams

Okay so on breaks and summer vacation and time off from school I typically stay up really late (or early) Like last night I stayed up until 3 in the morning. Just like the night before that night. (When I'm on break I don't keep track of what day it is.) I shall finish this post in a bit but right now I'm going to post some pictures(: Now since the pictures are up I shall finish the post. I guess it's time for another story time guys. Ready??

Story Time
 Okay so one of my best friends was texting me a bunch of horror stories. It was around 1 in the morning when she was telling them to me. She told me a bunch then she had to go to bed. My room was in need of some serious clean (and it still is) and I figured that if I read or was told a bunch of horror stories that I would have to stay up and I would be forced to clean my room out of boredom. I didn't count on the fact that I got sorta tired. I found this online website that has a bunch of horror stories and I was up till 3 in the morning reading them. The ones that my friend told me were scarier though I think. So around 3 in the morning I started getting really tired so I went to bed. I but Taylor Swift on my IPod and was listening to a bunch of her songs. I had to sing the lyrics along in my head in order to keep my mind from making up pictures to go along with the stories (which it did anyway). I woke up and my IPod was still playing. I didn't have any nightmares (It's pretty hard for me to have nightmares, it's the part where I'm lying in bed thinking that I don't like) but I had at least 3 weird dreams that night. I only remember part of 1 but it was really weird. I was in science class and I was in my normal seat, next to this kid who is sorta my friend I guess, he's pretty nice, (we shall call him "Bathilda"), and one of my best friends "Tonks" (the one that was telling me the horror stories) was sitting in the empty seat on the other side of me (like she usually does). So our science teacher made us watch this sciency movie for the class period and it was pretty boring as usual. So me and "Bathilda" were talking (I don't remember about what though) but it was weird. It was like he and these other two guys that I sorta like were all jumbled together into one. Now in real life "Bathilda" is going out with this girl (we shall call her "Splat"). I'm not very fond of "Splat" and somehow I don't think that she is very fond of me either. "Splat" and "Bathilda" never act like they are going out and I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up soon. Anyways, in my dream, this combination of "Bathilda" and these two other guys was still going out with "Splat" and they still didn't act like they were going out. So "Bathilda" and I were talking and somehow it got around to my hands. I don't know why we were talking about my hands but we were. So then "Bathilda" holds my hand in his hand for a little while and we continue watching the boring science movie. Then "Splat" turns around and gives both me and "Bathilda" dirty looks and "Bathilda" hold my hand for a moment or two before dropping it and looking a little embarrassed. For some reason I really enjoyed the fact that "Splat" was mad (or maybe even jealous?). It was a really weird dream xD Well I guess that accounts for today's story time. I shall try to think of a good story to tell tomorrow (later today I guess). Toodles all my blog readers :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You know who you are xD

Okay so I'm making this post especially for one of my good friends. You can read it anyways but she will understand it. Okay first of all I will NOT shut up. You two would be soo cute together. I don't care where he lives or if he is a year older then you. Plus if you get married to him it will leave the other one for me xD ohhh and both of your mothers would be all happy. And he is really really really (emphasis on the really part) cute(: And when you get married I can be one of your bridesmaids xD make sure you choose pretty dresses. And you can go watch his races and stuff. Awww that would be sooo cute xD  Now don't you just love me >:D

Who needs a title anyway??

Well I can't think of any stories to tell so I think I'll just write more of those random tiddlybits from yesterday. Oh and by the way tiddlybits is not a word >:P
Lalala okay so I absolutely love Harry Potter. Today my friend showed me the Hogwarts Hotline. It's 178-145-24077. I already have it memorized xD. Call it, it's really funny! Except for the fact that I got told that I was a muggle. Just for future reference....... I AM NOT A MUGGLE! finished.
I have decided that when I grow up and get a job I want to be a photographer. I love to travel! Even though I haven't been anywhere outside of the east coast (of the united states) I have decided that I want to travel all over the world. I really really really REALLY want to go to Scotland. I guess I'm sorta obsessed with Scotland. Some of my ancestors were from Scotland. There is even a castle that used to be in my family generations back. I also want to learn Scottish Gaelic. That is like one of the languages I most want to learn. But nobody that I know speaks it *sadface*
I play a whole lot of instruments. Music is my life. I play flute, oboe, saxophone, and piano pretty well. I can also play a lot of other instruments that I wont bother listing here because they are under my information or whatever.
I am actually really amazed that I have been able to write this blog. I am usually not very good with technology. In my elementary school all the computers hated me. And in 7th grade my assigned computer number was 13. No I'm not superstitious but somehow it did seem to bring me bad luck. We aren't able to have our own computers that we carry around with us so we get assigned two computers that we use for two classes and they stay in one of the classrooms where we use them. Both my computers broke the first week of school. They had to go get repaired for a month or so. I'm telling you computers hate me.
I always where mismatched socks. I guess it's sorta o habit now. I have always worn mismatched socks. I love socks. They can be soft and squishy, short or tall, big or small, polka dotted or stripped, christmasy or halloweeny. They are so diverse and prettyfull(:
I am too lazy to write anymore right now. lalala. I got up at 4 this afternoon and I'm still in my pjs. I love Christmas vacation(: anyway toodles xD

Random Tiddlybits

This is just little bits of random information about who knows what. Some of it may be about me, people I know, books, I don't know. They are just random tiddlybits.
For all you Harry Potter nerds out there (I'm one of them) did you ever know that vol de mort means flight of death in French? I legit never knew that 'till just earlier from google translate. Now I know where Voldemort's name came from. That's like soo cool!
Okay so if you read the paragraph at the top of my blog ^^ or even just the title for that matter ^^^ you should know that my name is Hannah. It is a palindrome. Also my initials are HH. That means that spoonerism doesn't work for my name. I like my name but there are too many people that I know named Hannah. I have two friends who are in my class named Hannah. One of my friends older sister's name is Hannah. A girl that went to my elementary school is named Hannah. And I'm sure there are other Hannah's that I know that I'm forgetting about at the moment. There are just too many Hannah's.
Okay so apparently according to friend I am like a lesbian/bi magnet. Sorry if you are a lesbian or if you are bi, I don't mean to offend anyone. But I myself happen to be straight. And I will not change for anyone. For me I don't believe that I choose to be what I am. I just am it. If that makes sense? Like I don't really believe I can choose whether I am straight, bi, or lesbian. For me it's sorta like I can't choose who I like, my heart makes the choice for me, and the people who I like like that all happen to be guys. But there are these two girls who like me. One of them is really creepy and it got to the point that I actually wouldn't mind if she just went away out of my life and I completely forgot that she ever existed. Unfortunately that will never happen >.<
Okay so I have a few books of just random facts. I also have like 3 apps on my ipod all for random facts. I don't know what it is but there is just something so funny about random facts and they are so addicting to read. Anyway I really have no clue why but for some reason there is one fact that just sticks in my head. Did you know that apparently fleas can jump 13 inches. That is the equivalent to a 6 foot man jumping across a football field. And that is the fact that has stuck in my head for a few months now. Why you might ask? I simply have no clue.
Boys= confuzzling. mind blowing. weird. obnoxious. adorable. crazy. funny. best friends. mortal enemies. smart. cute. spirit lifting. embarrassing. all of the above. I'm rockin the single life just as I always have. There is one guy who I like. But there's this guy. He cares about me. He makes me laugh. He hugs me when I'm sorta depressed. He actually listens to me. And now I'm not so sure anymore. Gahh then there is this guy. I don't know him that well. He's not exactly in my group of friends, never was, and probably never will be. If you are reading this and you know me in person, it's not who you are thinking of. If you aren't thinking of anybody, start thinking of somebody and reread the previous line. Anyway he makes me laugh. He listens to me too. He can make me smile and somehow makes me realize that there is more to life than grades and work. A laugh once in a while is important. He listens to me when I'm worried. And whenever I'm worried it just seems to melt away and I'm able to look at things in a new light. Maybe it just the fact that I'm in different surroundings when I see him and that make me less stressed. I really don't know. But he's not really in the same group as me so I only see him once in a while. And I don't really know him that well other than what I've heard from other people. I could go on with this subject for a while but I shall move on to another tiddlybit ;P
Yesterday I was watching a show about the modern day mafia and such and it's really scary! When I was watching that, that's when I wanted a (certain) guy to hold me in his arms and tell me that he'll protect me. But whatever. Anyway apparently the new threat that we should watch out for is over the Internet. Hackers can get all sorts of information about you and get your credit card number and steal your money. Also there are these Mexican whatevertheyarecalleds and they will do anything just to get money. Lately they have taken to kidnapping little children then demanding a ransom. It's really horrible! And that started getting me a little worried about my blog but I'm trusting all you people out there not to come and rob me. Thank you!
I am sorta addicted to those girly online quiz things. Such as "does he like you" or "are you a good girl" they are sorta stupid (no offense to anybody who love them, just my opinion) but they are so addicting. If it weren't 3:30 in the morning I would play one. It's bad enough that I'm even awake right now.
Addicting Quizzes
There is something you all should know about me. I. LOVE. HEDGEHOGS!!!!!!! I think that they are the cutest most adorable little things ever! If it weren't for stupid laws I would go out and buy one right this very second. Unfortunately they are illegal where I live. They are only illegal in three, THREE, states. How unfair is that?? They are illegal in Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and California. Also the laws in Georgia and Arizona make it very difficult for the average person to have a pet hedgehog. I get why they are illegal in Hawaii but California and Pennsylvania?? Really?? That's just not fair! Anyway I decided that where ever I live when I'm old enough to own my own house, it's going to be in a place that allows hedgehogs<3
Anyway I need to get some sleep. Maybe I will post more tiddlybits tomorrow. I like just came up with that word, tiddlybits. Hehehe I like that word. Tiddlybits. Tiddlybits. Tiddlybits. Anyway good night!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wilkommen St. Nikolaus

AHHHH ;D Okay so I will explain the title a little later my friends. But first I just thought that you should know that for Christmas I got a new camera!!! It's a canon and it has a removable lens and it's very high tech. That means that I will be able to take a lot of photos that you guys out there will have the joy of seeing. I'm still experimenting so if anybody out there is a photographer please comment and give me some advice xP

Story Time

Now for the explanation of the title. Here goes. The language I'm taking in school is German. Now my German teacher loves coming up with all these creative projects for my class to do and I, being me, always wait 'till the last minute to do them. So last year we had to decorate a shoe to make it look Christmasy. Because apparently in Germany the kids decorate shoes and put them out on the front porch for St. Nikolaus to come and fill. (If you are in Germany and I told the story wrong, sorry. That's what my teacher told us.) So I made a little flag to stick in my shoe and I colored it like the German flag and wrote Wilkommen St. Nikolaus on it. That means welcome St. Nicolas in German. After my teacher graded the projects we got to take them home. Somehow the flag got separated from the boot and ended up on top of my dresser. Okay for the rest of the story I am going to use code names for my friends. Then one day (it was a Monday and school was closed the next day) my friends "Fred", "Tonks", and "Phil" came over. We had invited "Bob" but his parents made him clean his room so he couldn't come. "Bob" only lives around the corner from me. Okay so "Fred", "Tonks", and "Phil" were in my room with me. "Phil" and "Tonks" were explaining how sometimes they will be in class and their minds will wander and they will stare off into space and if they have a pencil or something in their hands I guess their brains will think that they don't need it so they will just randomly throw it across the room. Oh and get used to long run-on sentences by the way ;P So "Phil" felt the need to demonstrate how he just randomly throws things across the room and he got a pencil and threw it at "Tonks". Then "Tonks" decided to throw something at "Phil" and the two of them just started throwing stuff at each other... IN MY ROOM! Not a good idea. Next time my friends come over I am going to friend-proof my room, sorta like baby-proofing a room. This story also explains why I have lipstick on my wall, on my chair, and three places on my carpet. So "Tonks" and "Phil" were throwing stuff at each other and I was running around my room picking up everything and throwing it on my dresser or my bed. It was actually quite funny. So I have (had) like 5 things of lipstick on my dresser along with the German flag, the top of a lamp, and a bunch of other junk. Apparently one of them threw a thing of BRIGHT RED lipstick at the other one and the cap came off. "Phil" found the cap on the floor and it only took us a couple seconds to find were there was a huge smudge on the wall. Then later I found the stains on the chair and the carpet. Oh by the way for this story you should all know that I have a balcony right off of my room in the front of the house. Okay so "Phil" likes dropping things off of my balcony so he grabs the flag and the top of a small lamp from my dresser and throws them off of my balcony!! Then we had to all go downstairs and outside to retrieve them. Then instead of going back inside "Phil" decides to march up and down the sidewalk with the flag in one hand and his other hand in the "hail Hitler" position. (We are not against Jews or anything, in fact we respect other peoples beliefs, it was just a funny thing to do.) Then "Tonks" grabbed the top of the lamp and "Phil" and "Tonks" started walking down the sidewalk towards "Bob's" house. "Fred" and I ended up following because there was really nothing else to do. I then texted "Bob" and told him to come outside and he would see a parade marching towards his house. He ended up coming out and he asked his parents if he could stay out and they let him stay out for an hour or so. Oh and "Bob" lives right near some woods and the street he lives on isn't very busy, especially at like 10 (or around there) at night. So there we were, the five of us, standing in the middle of the street with a little German flag and part of a lamp. We laughed a whole lot that night. We also saw a fox that had probably come out of the woods to make it's nightly rounds of the neighborhood. Then "Bob" had to go and finish cleaning his room so "Fred", "Tonks", "Phil", and I came back to my house. A few years ago my parents got me a telescope. I have no clue how to use it but "Phil" does so he brought it out to my balcony and was showing me. We were looking at the stars and stuff for a bit and a little while later "Bob" finished cleaning and came over. We were all looking at stars and playing music and stuff. Then "Phil" pointed the telescope and focused it on a fairly bright star and told me to look at it. It was very bright indeed and quite big for a star. I started noticing odd looking rings around it. Finally "Bob" looked at it and that's when I realized we had just found Jupiter. It was really cool looking up at the sky like that. The moon was also very detailed and... well there's no other way to describe it other than amazing(: And that, my friends, is the story of Wilkommen St. Nikolaus!

And right at that cliff hanger (sort of) I gotta go. I'll add on to this same post later so make sure to re-read it in a bit.........and now.......... IT'S DONE!

This is like the lamp I had that the top came off of. The glowy things come out of the base.

Friday, December 23, 2011

*Insert Boring Title Here*

Okay so you probably know this already but IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! It's also like 41 degrees outside. And on Christmas day it's supposed to be 44 degrees/: It needs to snow. *does a little snow dance* Still not seeing any snow. *tries snow dance again* Well this isn't working. Anyone have a snow machine?? Anyway the point is I WANT SNOW!!!!! You probably figured that out already but oh well xD But my house is all decorated for Christmas and everything is all pretty(: On Christmas day a bunch of my family is coming over for dinner which is at like 2 O'clock. Since when is dinner at 2 in the afternoon? I usually only get out of bed at 1 in the afternoon :P Like today. Today all I have been doing is sitting around in sweat pants and a comfy shirt playing mario cart. But boys have been really confusing me. There is this one guy that I've liked since last year. But then there is this other guy who I don't know if I like him or not. It's confusing. Ooooh but on Wednesday the Trace (formerly known as the Sandlot Heroes) came and played for my school. The bass guitar player in the band, Jake, went to my elementary school and my middle school. How cool is that? Also the other three guys in the band are from my area too. If you've never heard of them YouTube the Trace (or the Sandlot Heroes) and listen to their music RIGHT NOW!! Also on Wednesday we got to hear about like how the Trace band got started and stuff. It was really cool. I was sitting next to my one friend "Bob" for that and we kept on making funny comments to each other. Like how there manager and everybody said that they should change their name to get more publicity and Bob and I were like to each other "one of the more popular bands is called the Beatles, that's a pretty weird name and they are known all over." And we kept on making comments like that. It was really funny. Then for the performance, I sat next to one of my best friends and we got separated from our class and we had to sit with one of the low track seventh grade classes and whenever people were clapping they were always of and it sorta annoyed me. But it was still fun(: Well I'm going to go now. Byeee!

Some of my favorite songs of The Trace's:
Out Of My Hands- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
Believer- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
So- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)
Alone Anymore- The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)

The Trace (Sandlot Heroes)

From left to right:  Ans, Danny, Jake (went to my school), and Chris.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Finally no school for 11 days :D I super excited for Christmas but I'm going to miss school.... well only certain parts. I'm going to miss seeing my friends everyday but we will hang out over break hopefully(: I've got a lot to tell you guys about caroling today. But I'm like really pooped out xP so I'll try to post a bunch of stories tomorrow. Just one complaint about Christmas time. IT'S FREAKING RAINING!!!! Where I live it is not supposed to be 50 degrees and raining 3 days before Christmas.... We got a huge snowstorm in the end of October and now we are getting rain. How does this make sense? The weather is getting all confused. Sorta like the way boys make my brain confused. Hahaha xD I'll talk about that tomorrow too. Well I'm going to go dream of a white Christmas now(:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Okay so I'm just posting a bunch of stories about my day but separating them into different blogs so it's easier. So this story takes place in math class. Earlier in the morning I had texted my mo and asked her to bring in a 27 page project that was on top of my printer at home. So she dropped it off at my schools student services office and they called me down to get it. By the time I went down my mom had already left. So at the beginning of math, before we started learning anything, I texted my mom thank you for dropping of the project. Then my math teacher caught me and took my phone. Then she thought about it for a few seconds and asked me if I was texting my mom thank you for dropping off the project. I said that I was but she had to check for herself. The seats in her class are arranged in groups of two. I sit next to this kid who is pretty nice. In front of me sits Phil (you all know him by now, if not read my previous posts) and next to Phil sits this other guy who I don't like. In front of them is the white board and that's where my math teacher was standing. So she has no clue how to check my messages so Phil takes my phone and was going through my messages. Luckily I deleted them all before I texted my mom or else that might be sorta embarrassing depending on how far down he would have scrolled. But anyway he checked my messages and showed the teacher that I sent my mom thank you. Then my teacher just walks out of the room and Phil still has my phone and wasn't sure whether he was allowed to give it back or not so he kept it. Then like two minutes later the teacher walks back in and I look away for a second and there is my phone on my desk. I was sooo lucky to get that thing back. I love my math teacher, She is simply amazzing!! Thank you Mrs. Zoudeh if you are reading this<3 So that was another story. I think I'm done for tonight. Soooo tired. Good night lovelies!


Yeah yeah I just posted but so what. This post is going to be about.... GERMAN!! In my school we have to take a language and in sixth grade I chose to take German. Two of my best friends and I are all in the same German class and it's usually pretty fun. Today we just got assigned a project. The project is to draw your ideal boyfriend (or girlfriend for the guys) and describe him. For me I go more by personality more than looks. So I know we had people in mind when we were assigned this project. We were thinking "Wow, wouldn't it be embarrassing if we described those people exactly? Everyone would guess who we liked." So we are going to have to make stuff up. Then one of the describing words is "tot" which means dead. It's like why would we want a dead boyfriend? Then there is also a word for sexy. So I decided that my ideal boyfriend is going to be a sexy zombie<3 That's what happens in German class. More posts to come soon!


Okay so I know that I was going to post about Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday but I've got so much work to do it's such a mess. But right now I have to vent about my family. Don't get me wrong, even though I get in fights with my family and say I hate them, at the end of the day I wish I could take everything back, and I most importantly they are still my relatives and I still love them. Okay so yesterday was my mommy's birthday. Happy birthday mom!! And today was my grandma's birthday. Happy birthday grandma!! So today we had a little joint birthday party and it was all of my close relatives and a few of my grandparents friends. I was already feeling a bit depressed today. This week has definitely not been my week/: So right before we get to the birthday celebration thingy my mom is telling me how I need to get better at time management and that got me even more annoyed. And boy oh boy did I get annoyed today. But that's another story. I've got a lot of stories to tell. Anyways I'm there and my mom is having one conversation with two of my cousins who are like 30. Then there is another conversation going on. And then I'm in a small conversation with my grandma. Then my grandma goes to the bathroom so I'm sitting on the steps listening to the other conversations. I hear my mom's voice and of course she's talking about me. Not the prettiest things either. I really do love my mom and we have a pretty good relationship but there are those certain times when I just wish I hadn't been born. Gahh. So I hear her saying how I need to work on time management and she's exaggerating a story about a latin project that I'll tell you all later. Then she was saying how I've been a pretty good child so far but you know how much longer is that going to last. I felt like I was going to cry. I mean it's not like a switch is going to get flipped and I'm suddenly going to join gangs and stuff. Like really? I know better than that. Thanks a lot for believing in me. From that point on I just got really depressed. I'm still annoyed. Blahh. So that's what happened to me this evening. Sounds fun right >.<

Monday, December 19, 2011


English Horn
So I'm probably going to just ramble on about my weekend and today and everything because this is like my place for just saying everything about my life that is pretty much useless and boring. So here goes nothing! So on Friday was pretty fun. Since I play three different instruments for school, I have three different lessons. My violin lesson in on Tuesdays and my oboe and sax lessons are on Fridays. For my oboe lessons two of my friends came down and we were all playing together (they play clarinet) and it was pretty fun. But in my school there is this other oboe player and she's pretty nice but no offence to her she isn't exactly an oboe prodigy. And she compensates for her squeaking by playing loudly. Smh. And she was sorta getting on my nerves. For my sax lesson it's two of my good friends from my class and I. So we knew that we had a math test when we were supposed to have our lesson so we went for our lesson earlier and skipped social studies. Our band director who is the one who gives us lessons had another lesson when we went so he let us use one of the practice rooms which are these small rooms with just a piano and an organ. The three of us crammed into one of the practice rooms and we were playing trios from our books. My one friend and I play the tenor sax and my other friend plays the berry sax so was trying to figure out the harmony part while us tenors played the melody. Then there was one song that had a piano accompaniment and I played it on organ while one of my friends played it on the piano and my other friend played the sax. It was SO MUCH FUN! I love my lessons<3 Then we had a math test and I think I past but I know that I got at least one wrong. Then we had to get our mid quarters and I have like a C, two B's, and three or four A's. Blehh. I got a speech about how I can do better and etc. I hate those talks. Like I sorta doubt that my mother knows just how stressful it can be and how many times I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying my eyes out but I can't because I gotta stay somewhat strong. That's the part of my life that's really depressing. But it was really nice after school on Friday. I was sorta bored but I didn't want to go home because my school's band room is like my second home. So, since my band director had left already, I decided to look around for information on the english horn. The english horn is one of the instruments that I want to learn. It is like a large oboe. While I was looking for information on them I found these huge stacks of magazines that I guess were my band directors so I took it upon myself to read through some of them. Then I noticed these two binders on top of one of the stacks of magazines and, being the nosy person I am, I had to find out what was in them. So I took one of them and opened it and it was filled with choir music. So of course I had to take it out and start playing it on the piano. Some of the songs were really pretty. One of them was called Sing Me To Heaven and I was singing it and playing it on piano and it's simply beautiful. Then one of my friends, you may remember Phil, came in and was playing the left hand while I was playing the right hand. It was really fun and we went through the whole binder playing the music. Two of the songs were really cool were the Can Can and Carol of the Bells. Later that evening one of my best friends (we shall call her Tonks) and I went ice skating. Phil said he was coming but never showed up. Four times... FOUR TIMES he and my other friend Bob (from previous posts) needed to be there. I'll explain why later maybe. I'll write about Saturday, Sunday, and today later but first I gotta finish the homework that my teachers loaded us up with right before break. Blahh. Tootles for now(:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

..........Life......... *sigh*

I really need to write a long post and vent about my life and stuff but, of course, I can't because I have this huge latin project due tomorrow that I was close to finishing, then I found out that I didn't bring it home so now I can't type it up so now I'm freaking out and I'm really stressed out and I need to come up with 100 words made up of latin derivatives for TOMORROW and I'm freaking out and it's absolutely horrible and this is such a run on sentence and blahhh. My life sucks right now.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


So I have a lot to write about. But of course right when I go on the computer to write a blog my body is like "Oh you thought you were gunna write a nice long blog about your day? Not any more... you just suddenly got really tired and cranky. Mwahahaha" So now I'm going to bed and I sure hope I don't forget anything I was going to post about.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!!! My school just had our winter concerts and they were so amazing<3 We had one during the school day and one in the evening. The during school was a shortened version of the evening one. At the during school one one of my best friend's sister who is also a good friend of mine played "Oh Holy Night" as a solo on clarinet while one of my other friends played piano. They were really, really, really good(: Then for the evening performance one of my best friends played the "Oh Holy Night" solo and my same friend did the piano part. They were really, really, really good too(: Also another one of my friends does ballet and she danced while our school's singers sang the "Sugar Plum Fairy" I was running around like crazy because I'm in 4 of the 7 groups that performed and I had a solo. All the groups that performed were the orchestra, Northeast Singers, girls group, guys group, world percussion, the 7th & 8th grade chorus, and the 6th grade chorus. I'm in the orchestra, Northeast Singers, girls group, and the 7th and 8th grade chorus. For one of the songs that the Northeast Singers, girls group, chorus, and guys group did I played a solo on my flute and it was really good! I was soooo nervous but then I just got up there and played my heart out and I feel really good :D Then, during the chorus songs I was standing next to my one friend (let's call her Fred) and we are altos. When we are standing next to each other we almost always have the correct note between the two of us and together we are really strong singers. The only problem is when you have sopranos singing in your ear and you can't hear yourself. That happened with me and Fred. I was getting really annoyed at those sopranos but they did sound really good so it was hard to stay annoyed for long. During one of the songs that the Northeast singers, girls group, and guys group sang, my friend's tie started singing randomly. I didn't hear it but he was telling me about how his tie just started singing during the song. I would have been so embarrassed if that had been me. Okay so I am the orchestra secretary. My friend "Bob" (from previous posts) is the orchestra vice-president. And one of my other friends is the orchestra President. Right before the evening concert, Bob comes up to me and is like "Okay all you have to do is say your name and that you are the orchestra secretary" so I start freaking out because I have no clue what is going on. Then after a little bit of investigating I find out that the three of us are presenting presents to our band/orchestra director. I'm like okay I can do this, I can do this. The only problem is that I've got stage fright. So near the end of the performance the three of us orchestra officers go up to the front of the stage with the gifts and flowers and the orchestra president had written a little speech that she read. I actually did okay saying my name and I was very proud of myself. I still have no clue what the presents were that we gave him xP Okay so besides us orchestra officers, there are two librarians, one of them is my friend. Then there are band officers. "Phil" (from previous posts) is the vice-president. My friend who did the solo part on the piano is the band president. And another friend of mine is the band secretary. So we are all pretty good friends for the most part. So one of the librarians (she's not my friend.... more like an acquaintance) took the song "12 Days of Christmas" and made up different lyrics to fit with insiders that the band and orchestra have with our band director. She also shortened it to the "10 Days of Christmas." Right after us three orchestra officers gave the gifts, I got a paper shoved in my face and was told to sing what was on the paper. It was us 8 officers and the librarian got two other people to do it to. So we were up there and we sang the 10 Days of Christmas with different lyrics. During the song I started cracking up and I was laughing so hard I couldn't sing. The lyrics were sooo funny xD And of course my friend the band president ad-libbed his lyrics. I'll try to remember them:

On the 1st day of Christmas Mr. Rupnik gave to us 1 band director.
On the 2nd day of Christmas Mr. Rupnik gave to us 2 broken stands and a band director
On the 3rd day of Christmas Mr. Rupnik gave to us 3 trom-aphones, 2 broken stands, and still a band director
On the 4th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us 4 french horns, 3 trom-aphones, 2 broken stands, and Mr. Rupnik's still here
On the 5th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us 5 gold reeds, 4 french horns, 3 trom-aphones, 2 broken stands, and Mr. Rupnik's still here
On the 6th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us (I forgot this one)
On the 7th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us 7 dead fish etc.
On the 8th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us (I forgot this one)
On the 9th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us 9 games of zombie etc.
On the 10th day of Christmas Mr, Rupnik gave to us 10 new songs etc.

So I forget two of the verses but it was really funny xD Right now I'm listening to Civil Rights Movement songs and trying to calm down. I'm soo hyper from these two concerts that I'm probably not going to be able to sleep but I should probably try to sleep at somepoint. I'm not promising anything but I'll try to get the videos of the concert (and pictures of my Christmas tree) and post them. Anywho I think this post is long enough. Toodles!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Love Smiling ;D

Ahhh ;D tonight was soo much fun!! I went ice skating with two of my friends and while we were there Phil (from previous posts) was there(: I had on this blue hat with ear flaps and braids and a little tassel on top and it's really cute. So Phil comes up behind me and grabs me on the shoulders and says in my ear "don't freak out, it's me" and he says he's hiding. So he skated with me and my friends a little and then I let him borrow my hat and he was skating around with my hat on(: There were popular people there though and I don't exactly fit in with them all but he does so he skated with them more but sometimes I would just be skating with my friends and then he'd come up next to me out of nowhere. Then he would throw my hat back then I'd throw it back to him and on and on. I love how just being with certain people can make you smile so much(:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday ;D

Well for me yesterday was really fun! School was pretty good and lunch was actually really fun(: I sat in between two good friends of mine and I sat across from Phil (from previous posts) and another friend of mine. Phil and this other friend were teasing me (in a friendly) about being a pescatarian. Phil said he was going to lock me in my basement and only give me hamburgers. Eww xP Then during 8th and 9th period the orchestra and chorus had practice for our Christmas concert. After that we got dismissed back to homeroom but my class was still at rewards day and I had the choice of watching this one boring movie or this other boring movie. Neither of which I wanted to watch. So me and one of my friends ditched the last 20 minutes of rewards day and sat in the band room until school was over. It was actually quite fun! Then after school me, one of my best friends, and some other friends were waiting for our parents to come and we were hanging out outside of the school. So i was standing next to my best friend who didn't have her glasses on. There was this boy and his mother that we didn't know walking away from the school and they were about 10-15 feet away from us. Suddenly my best friend calls out "Are you two leaving already?" and the boy and his mother look back at us and she realizes that we don't know them so we ran and hid behind a column thingy and were laughing so hard we were crying xD Then later we went ice skating and I got to see another one of my friends from soccer that I hadn't seen in two months and Phil was there(: My best friend, Phil, and I hung out for a bit and it was really fun. Well now I gotta go decorate my Christmas tree that we finally put up. I'll see if I can post pictures later. Tootles xD

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who knew math could be so much fun?? ;D

School today was pretty normal. Had to take two tests but I think I did pretty well on both of them. One was in ELA and the other was in math. Lunch was... well lunch. No explanation needed for how I feel about that. But science class was pretty fun. We get on these super long tangents and it's really funny. We started talking about how you can tell a tree's age from its rings and we ended up talking about why New Zealand can't move above Australia. See my geography is pretty wacky and I sorta have my own map of the world in my head. The problem is the map in my head is a bit different from a normal map. In my head New Zealand needs to move above Australia. Greenland needs to shrink just a tiny bit and Iceland needs to grow just a bit and move more towards Norway and Finland. Madagascar also needs to move more towards South America and the United Kingdom needs to get bigger and move to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I don't exactly know why but that is the way I think the world should look like. Then after school my friend and I had to go finish a math test and my other friend came to wait for us. During math right before the test was handed out these two guys and I were like freaking out because we hadn't studied and we just found out that we had to know all the names of the theorems that we learned. So I get my test, answer three questions, then stare at it for three minutes waiting for it to disappear. But it didn't. So I answered all the questions except the theorems and then the class was over. My two guy friends finished and were feeling a bit better about the test. My one friend and I knew we had to go after school to finish it and my other friend said she would come and wait with us. We shall call my friends George and Tonks. So George came to wait while me and Tonks finished the test. I finished the test fairly quickly so our completely awesome math teacher let us put all the tests in alphabetical order. Okay so there is this one guy in my class who is a complete smartypants. He is also one of my best friends. You may remember Bob from my last post. So George and I were comparing our tests and other people's tests to Bob's test because we figured he probably got a 100%. It turns out me George, Bob, Phil (from yesterday), and another friend got all the same answers so we are guessing that we all got 100%s :D Then Tonks was still working on the test so the math teacher gave us all these little scone thingies that were soo delicious. So my math teacher asks George and I to look over a pamphlet she made before she copies it. We glance at it and say that it's good so she goes to the library to make copies. Then George and I find something that could be fixed so we run down to the library (with the tests so Tonks isn't tempted to cheat) and she just put the paper in the copier as we got there. But the copier ended up not working so she could fix the mistake. I absolutely love math class and my friends ;D Well I think I've rambled enough for one night. Good night lovelies

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I know I like just posted but this topic is very important. It is called boys. Boys can be very confusing and while some of them can break your heart, others can be the best friends that you have ever had. I happen to have two really good guy friends that I like to hang out with and I know that I can trust them with anything. We shall call my one guy friend "Phil" and the other one "Bob." Okay so three of my really good friends like Phil and so do I. About two or three weeks ago these two other girls, one of them is my friend, overheard a conversation between me and another friend about Phil and should I tell him that I like him or not. So these two girls supposedly go and tell Phil that I like him. Now I think he knows but I'm not quite sure and it would be sorta embarrassing if I asked him. Also there are people saying that he likes me. Then his ex girlfriend posts on my facebook page that we should go out and two of my friends who like him like it and comment that we should. So now I don't know what to do. And if I do go out with him I still want to be friends with the other girls who like him because they are like some of my best friends ever and I would miss them too much if we didn't talk. But then I like him and wouldn't exactly mind going out with him if you know what I mean. And Phil and I still talk and stuff like there's nothing going on. And my one friend even asked a total stranger if we looked cute together and he said yes. So my predicament is do I say anything to him and if so what and it's all so confuzzling xP Why can't guys just say what is on there mind and who they like then everything would be okay(:

Crossing my Fingers for Snow(;

I WANT SNOW!!!!!!!!
It's been raining all day here and it's completely suckish. I'm crossing my fingers for snow to come. Apparently there is a winter weather advisory for my area. YAYY!!!! I like desperately need to dance under a streetlight in the snow and catch a snowflake on my tongue and go snowboarding and stuff. Snow needs to come FAST. But anyways today was actually pretty good(: We had the KMOs in seminar. That's the giant test thing that I talked about yesterday. It was really fun and we got a pretty good score. At least it was better than last year. We moved all the desks against the wall and we got to sit on them or on the floor and everybody brought in food and we ordered pizza and it was extremely fun(: And it makes me feel smart. And it was also my friends birthday so we sang happy birthday to her. And I got my book report done and turned it in on time. Amazingly :P I sorta finished it during school but oh well. The only problem with missing classes is that you end up with a bunch of work that you missed. But today was really nice(: And then after school while I was waiting for my dad to pick me up I went into the band room and there was no one there so I started playing on the piano from memory and I have like a few classical songs memorized so I was playing Fur Elise and my friend walks in and she's just like silent for a few moments then she's like your amazing. So I keep on playing and she's standing there watching and another one of my friends and my other friends' sister come in and they are watching so then I finish and they start clapping and my one friend gives me a hug and it just made me feel so special(: Now it just needs to snow tomorrow and lunch can go away and the guy who I like can ask me out and all will be good ;D

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today had its ups and its downs. First I got to miss half of gym for my violin lesson which was awesome. Then for math instead of taking a math test half of the class went and helped the readingteacher and the other half went with our math teacher to the cafeteria to hang up posters for this literacy thingy. My friends and I ended up sorta taping this one poster to itself and now it looks all demented but oh well. It was really fun! Then there was lunch. Somehow lunch always makes me want to cry. Lunch is horrible. It needs to go die. I just want to give up some times. But it made me realize that I'm actually a really good actor. I can make people think that I'm perfectly okay when I'm dieing on the inside. The rest of the day was pretty normal.. well as normal as it can possibly get. So my school is having the winter concert next Wednesday and I'm sooo nervous!! There is this one song that the chorus is singing and I'm doing a flute accompaniment part and I just realized that I'm going to be freaking out the day of the concert and there's only one person who can really calm me down. I'm sorta stage fright and if he's not there then I don't know what I'm going to do. Blahh. But tomorrow should be fun(: In seminar (the class for really smart people) we are having the KMO's which stand for Knowledge Master Open. It's like this giant test but all the seminar classes get to work together. Then afterwards we get to order pizza and bring in food and it's soo much fun! Anyways I should probably try and get a smidge of sleep now.

Monday, December 5, 2011


So today was pretty horrible. Start of the school day to find out that I have gym. Instead of health. Apparently health ended and we switched to gym but nobody ever told me. Because I'm involved in a lot of things I end up missing some classes and I missed the last day of health. So I go to school this morning thinking I have health... BUT NO... we have gym. Which means we were supposed to bring gym clothes. And wear sneakers. Neither of which I did. So I ended up borrowing my friends extra gym clothes which were a bit too big and I had to switch shoes with my other friend and her shoes were too big. Then we had to do these fitness exercises that were horrible and my stomach hurt and my head hurt. Then after we get all sweaty I have to go sit in science for almost an hour and a half. Lunch was horrible. As always. My lunch table ends up getting divided down the center into two different groups but then I end up getting ignored by both groups because I sit in the middle. But you know I'm used to being ignored so whatever. So my stomach ended up hurting all day and it felt just terrible. But I don't like to make other people feel bad for me so I end up lying and saying that I'm fine. When anyone even cares to ask. But really I feel like crying because once in a while I actually like to be noticed that I'm there and not just stared through like I'm transparent. Then I went through the rest of the day which included two tests.. and my stomach still hurting. Finally I got to go home and now I get to read a book and do a book report on it that's due Wednesday, I get to study for a math test, I get to do literacy homework from Friday, have to work on my Latin project. Oh and I can't forget that I have a flute lesson tonight that I need to practice for and singing and tap dancing tomorrow so I probably wont get much done tomorrow. Joy. Sometimes it's hard to remember that people actually care about you. Then it's even harder finding the ones that do.

Ice cream and Harry Potter

So tonight all I did was eat ice cream and watch Harry Potter. That is an AHH-MAZZING combination<3 Xpecially when you have a lot on your mind... such as boys, homework, boys, boys, friends, boys, boys, you get the point. It's driving me out of my mind! But ice cream and Harry Potter helps a lot. I watched the Half Blood Prince and it was really good. At school my friends and I have Harry Potter code names for everybody. Call us a little obsessed... we are(: So at the end of the movie Harry and Ginny end up together and Ron and Hermione end up together and the movie ends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione looking out at the view from the top of Hogwarts. It's just so picturesque that I start thinking what it would be like if me and one of the guys I like (there are two) were there and blahhh. Boys seriously confuse me sometimes. Like there have been a people telling me that this one guy likes me but I don't know if he does or not and it's sorta driving me crazy. Anywho I am in love with Harry Potter and I want to travel to the British Isles sometime. The castle in the picture above is where the Harry Potter films were made and it's just gorgeous! It's called Alnwick Castle. I need to move to England or Scotland and get a castle and play bagpipes. That's one of my dreams<3 Anyway I should probably go because I have school in 8 hours/: Not looking forward to it very much but at least I'll get to see my friends(: Tootles

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CHRISTMAS TIME!!! and lots of homework.

So earlier today I went and got a Christmas tree with my mother. It's still wrapped in the plastic mesh stuff but it's ours(: I can't wait to put it up. I'm really excited!! Christmas is my favorite holiday of all. I live in Bethlehem which is known as the Christmas City. Near Christmas time the city puts up a HUGE Christmas tree downtown and they put white lights all over it and it's really pretty. Back a little bit the city puts a smaller Christmas tree with different colored lights. In the downtown area there is a store called the Moravian Bookshop that sells a lot of stuff and they have a whole section of the store devoted to selling Moravian Stars. I love going downtown at Christmas time because it's sooo pretty and they play Christmas music and its simply beautiful<3 Unfortunately I don't think my teachers are in the Christmas spirit yet. They're still giving a whole ton of homework and tests and projects. I haven't started any of my weekend homework yet/: Oh well I still love the Christmas City<3 If you ever get the chance to come to Bethlehem during Christmas, take it! Here are some pictures: