Friday, December 30, 2011

New Title..... and surf boarding

So I got bored of looking at that long title so I changed it. So yeah..... Lately for some reason I have really wanted to learn how to surf board. I mean it looks like a lot of fun.
I like water.
I like beaches.
I like waves.
I like the ocean.
I like exitement.
I like feeling the wind whip through my hair.
I think I would like surf boarding. The only problem is that right now it is the middle of winter where I live and I have school so I can't go on vacation. Oh and another problem is that I don't have a teacher. I mean it's easy for me to learn musical instruments but surf boarding might be a challenge. But I like challenges so I want to learn how to surf board. But that might not happen any time soon. Maybe I'll post more later but for now I'm off.

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