Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All City Band

Okay so I like really need to go to bed but I'm going to post anyways.....like I usually do. I don't really have much time to post because I have such a busy schedule and sometimes it sucks but sometimes it's actually pretty fun. So we have a concert tomorrow. It's the All City Band concert. That's where the top fifty band players from each school get together and practice than have a concert. We practiced today and we are practicing tomorrow then we have the concert. We only have a total of 6 hours...SIX HOURS to practice and make the songs sound pretty good before the concert. We practiced almost four hours straight this morning and we are having a two hour practice tomorrow morning. We had a little 5-10 minute break but otherwise it was one song after another. We have to prepare 13 songs for tomorrows concert. It's crazy!! That's why I need as much sleep as I can get. Anyway I ended up missing some classes and the next academic class that I had was math. In math I sit next to one of my good friends and we were talking about the cute guys we saw there. She saw three and pointed out two of them to me. One of them turned out to be my GBSL (Greater Bethlehem Soccer League) assistant coach from last year and one of my other good friends knows him pretty well. My friend and I have a mission for tomorrow...get phone numbers(: I'll try to post tomorrow and tell you guys how the concert goes!

Friday, January 27, 2012

perfect way to ruin my night.

So tonight was the band and orchestra pizza and movie night. Supposed to be fun right? Well it was actually pretty fun. A bunch of my friends came and we had a good time, laughed a whole lot, and watched an awesome movie (Rio). And I had had a pretty good day too, considering how the past week or so has gone. So the movie ended and it was time to go home. My dad was supposed to pick me up. It was me and a few other people left and a car that looked like my moms pulled up. I was a bit confused because my dad was supposed to pick me up and it was also dark so I couldn't see who was in the car. So I texted both of my parents asking them if they were there. My mom said my dad was supposed to pick me up and my dad said that he was there so I went out and he took me home. When we got home my mom opened the door and was just like "oh you took my car, I didn't know you were going to take my car" then she was saying how like it should have been obvious what was going to happen and it was supposed to be clear but next time we would have to get it in writing to make sure everyone understands. Then I tried explaining to my mom that it was dark and I couldn't see who was in the car so I just texted both of them and that it was no big deal. Then she was just like "oh it's not your fault" and she said it like it was my dad's fault or something even though he didn't do anything. Then my mom went upstairs all moody and my dad was just muttering stuff like "all I did was answer the damn text" then he left. It was horrible. So know I'm sitting here feeling like everything is my fault and trying not to cry. My parents told me last spring, like May or something, that they were getting divorced. I sorta knew that it was going to happen for a while but it still hurt, a lot. And now it's January and my dad is trying to find a decent job so that he can find a place to live but meanwhile he is staying in the guest room. Sometimes it's nice to still have him here but it's horrible when they fight. And sometimes I just feel like it's all my fault, the fights, the divorce, everything. And it sucks. Right now I just feel like running. I just want to walk out the front door and start running. Just run where ever my feet take me. Just run away from the drama, my life, everything. Just run somewhere else and start my life new, a clean blank sheet. And sometimes I wonder if I were to just walk out the door and leave, who would actually care and who would just forget about me. So that's my night so far.......extremely suckish.

The two songs I'm listening to on repeat until I calm down:

Storm- S.J. Tucker
Carousel- S.J. Tucker

In School

Okay so I'm in school right now and we have a rewards day and we got to sign up for different things. So I signed up for computers and now I get to blog and blast my favorite music in my ears and not care about anything for the rest of the day. I like this(: I wish it happened like everyday. Luckily we get rewards day like every other Friday. I have a lesson in like 10 minutes so I can't type to much but oh well. I love how right now everyone else in my class is playing computer games and I'm typing a blog.  But that's the way I like it. Oooh so next week is all city band. It's where the top fifty band kids from each of the four middle schools in the area get together and we have two practices than we have a concert. That's like only two practices to learn a whole bunch of songs. But my school hosts it every time and it's really fun. Okay five minutes until lesson, gotta make this short. Anyways I'm second chair flute in my school so I definitely get to go. The practices are next week Tuesday and Wednesday and we like get to miss classes and a test and it's awesome. Oh and I am better since yesterday. Except for at lunch there's this one kid. I've known him since 5th grade and he's my friend and we hang out but today he was really annoying me. Well I gotta go now, I'll try to post more later. Toodles!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've Been Better

Ughh so I don't know why but it's just like last week and this week have been just depressing and overly blahh. On Tuesday I got a chance to actually be home alone and have a good long cry. I was texting two of my best friends and there is just like so much drama. Right now I just need to make a hate list:

I hate when people ask me a question then when I go to answer they ignore me like I'm not there.

I hate when people think they know what I'm feeling when in all actuality, they don't.

I hate when people are talking about how happy they are and I'm not even happy myself but then I have to be happy for them, or at least I'm expected to be happy for them.

I hate my birthday.

I hate being jealous.

I hate firsts and lasts. (I'll explain those in another post)

I hate when people don't listen to you even though you have something a lot more important to say then what they are talking about.

I hate feeling second best to anyone. Like "oh one of the popular snobby people can't hang out today so I guess I'll have to hang out with you instead" or at least that's how I see it in my mind.

I hate not being happy.

I hate crying late at night then having to wake up early the next morning, go to school, and act like everything is perfectly fine.

I hate when people pretend your not even there or ignore you for no reason.

As you can tell I hate a lot of things. One of my best friends and I were talking and we were just like "what if one day we actually acted like how we felt?" We figured we would probably be the meanest, grumpiest people ever. I wish I had the courage to stand up to people, like teachers. Gosh I was getting really annoyed at my homeroom teacher the other day so I was coming up with a whole long list of things I would say to him if I ever got up the nerve to, which I wont, because if I did I would probably be written up or something because they aren't exactly the prettiest things to say. The last week and a half have been really stressful and emotional for no reason at all that I can think of. One good thing (the only good thing) that was caused by all this is the fact that I have like four new songs to write music too. Ohh also my friend asked this guy who I like if he was going with anyone to farewell (the end of year dance) and he said that he hadn't asked anyone yet. Then she asked if he would go with me and he said maybe. Now I don't know if I want to go with him or not because I feel like its just like "yeah I'll go with you if I can't find anyone better to go with." That's sorta how I interpreted it but oh well.  So the past week if you would have asked me how I was and I had answered truthfully I guess my answer would have been "I've been better." Anyway well I'm to drained to post any more tonight but I'll try to post tomorrow. Night all!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Anyway since I didn't get to tell you about last week yesterday, I shall now. Because it's 10:45 at night and I still have a bit of really hard German homework to do so why not procrastinate even more. Oh and I just realized I have to read a chapter of a book for a test tomorrow >.< Anyways the better (sorta) parts my week:

AHHHHHH we had auditions for Liberty High school last Wednesday. I was sooo freaking excited (and a little nervous too)! So that morning after band practice, Mr. Rupnik (the director at my school) said for five people to come into his office to get passes to come down for their auditions. I wasn't one of the first five but like 3 of my friends were. We had literacy class double block (which is like an hour and a half) and since over half of my class is in either band or orchestra, we were like all freaking out and didn't get any work done. Then these two kids Nate and Travis were called down for auditions and the whole class was wishing them good luck and stuff. For once it actually seemed like we were all good friends who got along and supported each other, I knew that wouldn't last, but that day made it seem like it.
Anyway it was during 7th period that I finally got called down for auditions. I was in Seminar (gifted) at that time. My seminar class is made up of me and nine of my friends. Me and my friends Hannah, Andrew, and Alan who are in my same class were called down to auditions. When we got there, my other friends Tara and Adam were also there waiting to have their auditions. For the auditions, the high school director would call us into one of the practice rooms connecting to the band room, and listen to us play. Andrew, Adam, and I each had two instruments to audition on. While we were waiting to be called into the practice room, we were practicing our scales that had to be memorized and the piece that we chose to play. When someone would get called into the practice room, we would all wish that person good luck. The director had previously stated that he could only tell brass and string players if they made it or not and the woodwind and percussion players would have to wait for a week or two. I was like freaking out about my auditions. It was finally my turn to go in and I did my flute audition first. He asked me to play some easy scales and my piece. I played it okay though I know that I could have done better.
After my flute audition I got out my oboe. I wanted to practice my oboe a whole lot before my audition to get the reed warmed up and stuff and I didn't bother putting my flute away. I was like sooo nervous and it didn't help the fact that I supposedly wasn't going to know whether I made it or not for a couple weeks. Everyone else who was down there for auditions were doing brass or string instruments so they got to find out right away. When it was my turn for my oboe audition I went in and sat down. He was doing something on the computer so I was just sitting there. Then I see Andrew and Adam pick up my flute and try to figure out how to play it. Andrew knows a bit about flute because I lent him my extra flute (which he still hasn't returned) so he was able to actually make some sound. Adam on the other hand couldn't even get a sound out of it. It was actually quite funny watching all this through the window that's on the wall connecting the practice room to the band room.
After my oboe audition, I told the director that I was also going to audition on bagpipes (those auditions are sometime in the spring). He asked me what I wanted to do in the way of instruments so I was saying what I would do. Then he was saying how if I made it on all three I could do bagpipes in marching band, flute or oboe in concert band, and flute or oboe in orchestra which sounds pretty good to me. After he finished telling me all my options he said that I had made it into both band and orchestra so I could figure out what to do from there. I was the only woodwind player who was told if they made it or not :D

Boysgroup xP
I am now officially part of boysgroup, the after school singing group for guys at my school! I am now in every singing group there is at my school. The way it happened is that my three friends and I stayed after singers to listen to the boysgroup practice since we had extra time and nothing to do. The four of us were sorta singing along to this one song from Guys and Dolls, "Luck be a Lady". We even came up with boy names for ourselves. I am Kevin and my three friends are Steve, Dexter, and Dave. Anyway Mrs. Parker (singing director) said that she needed 3-4 girls to sing along with the guys in this one song so we are now officially part of boysgroup! And we decided that we are all going to wear fedoras(:

Unfortunately, I don't really have any more time right now. As you can probably tell, last week was super busy. I shall try to post tomorrow and I think that if I don't, I'll explode. Toodles!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

long time no post

ahh so I realized that I haven't posted in a while. Last week was sort of an up and down week. I had a completely horrible day followed by a fairly good one. On Tuesday I guess it was there was nothing I wanted to do more than write a nice long venting post but Tuesday is my busiest day of the week so I didn't really have the time. In fact I really don't have the time right now. I should probably be in bed sleeping seeing as I have to get up in a little over 6 hours >.< But I need to wait for my nails to dry anyway so I might as well post. I just painted my nails red and they look really pretty. I haven't been able to post photos in a while because my computer was full and I couldn't download anymore photos but today I moved a bunch of stuff to a hard drive and got more room on my computer so I can upload photos for you guys! Yayy!!!!!

Okay so sometimes I just get into these moods. I get like really depressed and every little thing annoys me. That's how it was on Tuesday for me. Tuesday sucked. I really have no clue why it was so bad. It just was. I was getting annoyed at every single little thing that anyone did. Then I was annoyed at myself for getting annoyed at other people. Then I felt like everyone was ignoring me all day. There was like 2 people who didn't annoy me all day that day. I don't even remember why I got annoyed at half of the people I did. Blahh it was just one of those days.

I don't really have anytime right now to post about the rest of my week but it was pretty good. I'll try to post a bit more often but I'm usually pretty busy. Oh well I gots to go to bed now so that I can wake up in just over 6 hours so that I can go to school and have solo auditions for jazz band then go through my day, come home and do homework, then practice, then go to my flute lesson. Toodles!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Right now, somebody is thinking of you; somebody is caring about you; somebody misses you; somebody wants to talk to you; somebody wants to be with you; somebody hopes you aren't in trouble; somebody is thankful for the support you have provided; somebody wants to hold your hand; somebody hopes everything turns out all right; somebody wants you to be happy; somebody wants you to find him/her; some...body is celebrating your successes; somebody wants to give you a gift; somebody thinks that you are a gift; somebody loves you; somebody admires your strength; somebody is thinking of you and smiling; somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on. Don't you ever worry, because there's always someone.
My friend posted this as her facebook status and I thought that it was really cute. I just wish that I knew who that somebody was. One of my best friends and I had a long texting conversation and the two of us are like so ready for a vacation from drama. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow. The only things that I'm looking forward to are orchestra, diper piper, and tap. But it's like sleeting/freezing raining outside right now so I'm hoping for at least a two hour delay. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Okay so there is this one episode of the Dick Van Dyke show where Buddy Sorrell (Morey Amsterdam) plays the cello. The episode is called "The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally." It is where Buddy and Sally are performing at a lodge but Rob thinks they are having an affair but they are really just doing a side job. Anyway there is this Hungarian folk song that Buddy plays on the cello that is really really pretty but I don't know the name of it. If you know the name please comment.

Hungarian Folk Song

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jazz Band Solos

Okay so I forgot to mention this but today we had a few of our jazz band solo auditions. One of them was for this song called Jazz Cat. I absolutely love that song, it's one of my favorite pieces in our jazz band folders. Anyway there is a saxophone solo in it. We got told on Monday that we had to memorize the solos for the auditions. It was going to be me, "Phil", my one friend Alex, and this other kid. Anyway after morning orchestra practice me and Alex were walking to homeroom and he was telling me how nervous he was and how much he practiced but he was saying that I was probably going to get the solo. I already knew at that point that I probably was not going to get it. I mean Alex, even though he is a sixth grader, is really, really, really good at saxophone. Anyway I was pretty sure that he was going to get it. And I didn't have the whole solo memorized either. Only about half of it. So 3rd period we go down to jazz band and I'm like totally freaking out about the solos. I told the directer that I was going to audition for three solos and I only had one fully memorized. So we first go through this other song, Lady Madonna, and the trumpet soloists are chosen for that song. Then we go to jazz cat. Then "Phil" raised his hand and told our directer that he wasn't prepared and wasn't going to do it. I knew that I wasn't ready either so while the directer was "chatting" with "Phil" I started raising my hand to say that I wasn't going to do it either. Then my friend "Bathilda" was just like no Hannah don't do it! It was so funny! I did end up telling the directer that I wasn't going to audition for that solo so it was just going to be Alex and this other kid. For every song there has to be a back up soloist so Alex was guaranteed at least that. So they auditioned and Alex did really good, but the other kid didn't have the whole thing memorized either. And he got the back up soloist part. I could have probably have played what had memorized and had more of a chance at it. So know I'm sorta kicking myself for not auditioning but I will be auditioning for two other solos probably within the next week. Anyway this turned out to be a longer post than I intended. I just wanted to say good luck Alex for making the solo!!! (:

Nails and Icecream

So I just spent like two hours of doing nothing but painting my nails, eating a huge bowl of icecream, watching tv, and thinking. I could just ramble on and on but I need to rest up my fingers for this long blog that I shall post tomorrow about this huge controversy thing at my school. Anyway you know how there are just some people who, by just talking to them, can make you forget everything bad that's happened, even if it's just for a few minutes. I love those people. They just make you all happy and your day isn't so bad anymore. Today was a good day. We got barely any work done in school. We took this short test that I'm pretty sure I passed when I was sure I was going to fail. We didn't go over the math homework that I forgot to do. It was a pretty good day. I know there were bad spots in my day but just by thinking of those certain people, I can't remember it. It's wonderful! And thinking it all over while eating a bowl of icecream and doing my nails, that makes it even better.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So for some reason I feel like I haven't written in a while. Maybe it's because my head is just spinning with all of these crazy thoughts. I'm like freaking out for auditions. I have three jazz band solo auditions either tomorrow or friday. Then next week I have highschool auditions and I don't even know what pieces I'm going to play yet. But I'll find something and it will be pretty good I bet. Ah so today after school we had a bit of excitement. I was in the sewing room with two of my friends. My one friend and I were working on our projects because we miss half of that class because of seminar. Seminar is like a gifted program at my school for students with a higher IQ. Anyway I had just finished threading the bobbin when the fire alarm goes off. My teacher told us to go grab our phones and then exit through the main entrance. So I grab my phone then I remember my Ipod which was like at the bottom of my bookbag. So I'm digging around in my bookbag for my Ipod, and I find it, and it happens to be right next to my bag of chocolate covered pretzels that I keep fin my bookbag for when I get hungry during class. So I grab two chocolate covered pretzels and we go outside. When we finally get far enough away from the school I start thinking about what I had in my bookbag and I realized that I left my coat in the room and I was freezing cold. After a couple minutes, three firetrucks and a police car came. The firemen went inside to check it out. They let us back in but they hadn't turned off the fire alarms yet. Like wouldn't you think that they would turn off the alarms before the let us back in the building?? But everything ended up being okay. I'm pretty sure that the cause of the alarms going off was a smoking kiln. That is like the third time that the kiln has set off a smoke detector. That thing needs to be fixed. So that was my excitement for the day. Band was pretty fun too but I don't have enough time to tell about it now. Well I hope I get a solo either tomorrow or friday. I'll let you guys know. Toodles!

Monday, January 9, 2012

how did i get here??

I find it amazing how I go on the computer to do homework or research or something and I always end up in one of four places:

1) Facebook where I sit scrolling through my news feed even though there is usually nothing interesting. Or I get stuck on one of those likeing pages for like and hour and just scroll through and like random stuff.

2) Youtube where I just like type in the first song that comes to mind and I listen to it. Then I get caught watching videos and stuff. And then one song makes me think of another songs that I have to listen to and then another one and another one.

3) Google where I search the most random things. Then from there I either end up on wikipedia, cleverbot, or google translator. Like one time I was really bored so I ended up talking to cleverbot for an hour.

4) Blogger where I just type useless stuff for anyone who actually cares to read.

And sometimes I end up in more than one places. Like right now I'm listening to songs on youtube while blogging. And I've still got social studies homework to do. It looks really boring and confusing though. The first sentence is "All this while no supply was heard of, neither knew they when they might expect any." I think that's a typo but I'm not sure. The whole passage is like in sorta old english and its very confusing. So now I'm blogging about it instead of doing it.

Diper Piper

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm like so excited!! Today was my second day of Diper Piper. It's for the people who want to audition for the bagpipe core at the high school I will probably go to. I ordered a practice chanter but it hasn't arrived yet so I had to go without one. My friend who is in the bagpipe core lent me his to use for today though which was nice. Oh and so you know how my some of my friends and I went ice skating on Friday? Well I forgot to mention that at one point one of my friends saw these two guys looking at us and one said to the other "just go up and ask her" and my friend said he had curly brown hair and was cute. Well at Diper Pipers there was a guy who fit the exact description and yes, he was cute. All the high school pipers were really nice and I learned one of the scales. I really hope I make it into the bagpipe core. One of my good friends is in the bagpipe core and she was telling me about everything they do and all the people and it sounds really cool. The piece of advice that will stick in my head though is this: never date a fellow bagpiper. If you do you have to spend the next four years of your life with them and see them like everyday for practice. But I'm sooo excited to be a diper piper :D

Sunday, January 8, 2012

my very busy schedule

So I have just been thinking about all the extra things that I'm going to be doing this spring. In two weeks I have instrumental auditions for the band and orchestra at one of the high schools that I might be going to. Also sometimes in May I have bagpipe auditions for that same high school. Then next month I have instrumental and vocal auditions for another high school that I might be going to. Also I'm going to be auditioning for an orchestra in the area where I live. I have jazz band every Monday morning, orchestra every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and band every Wednesday and Friday mornings. Then on Thursday I also have jazz band during the day. Also one Mondays I have my flute lesson, on Tuesdays I have my violin lesson, and on Fridays I have my oboe and sax lessons. I have stage crew every Tuesday and Wednesday after school as well as on Saturdays. The play is in February though so that will end when the play ends. On Tuesdays after stage crew I have tap. Tap goes until June which is when the performance is. I have singing practice after school some days. I have a vocal concert in April and a vocal/band concert in May. In the April concert I have a flute duet with one of my friends. I also have four jazz band competitions in the area. Then in May I go to Virginia to compete with the band, orchestra, jazz band, and northeast singers. Wow do I have a busy schedule or what?!


Okay so on Friday me and three of my friends went ice skating. There were a whole bunch of people there and it was really fun. Plus there was this super hot dude and every time he went off the ice my one friend had to get off too, and when he went back on she would go back on. It would have been even better if I wasn't in pain. I take tap dancing lessons and I think I did something to my hip so now it hurts a bit but it only hurts sometimes. It's weird but I'll be okay. Then towards the end, two of my friends left to go to the dog park right next to the rink and me and my other friend kept on skating and talking since we hadn't hung out in a long time. Then the two of us met up with the other two of my friends and we all went to the dog park and sat on this path talking and staring at the moon and the stars. It was so peaceful there I just wanted to stay there. Except after a while our butts got really cold! But it was really fun anyways.

Earlier Today
So today I got up way to early to go to stage crew. It was actually really fun though! Our school is doing School House Rock (which I may have already mentioned?) and we had to make paper mache planets for one of the scenes. One of my friends and I were working on Jupiter which is HUGE! The water and flower mixture which we use as glue is absolutely gross though. But we finished quickly so a couple of my friends were playing spin the bottle truth or dare (I just watched). It was soo funny! One of my friends had to go outside and sing jungle bells super loud. And our teacher was okay with it! Then we went and had a snack ad some of our friends from the cast came and joined us and they continued the game. Then they left so it was just me, three of my friends, and these two other girls. My three friends and this one girl were playing (me and the other girl were still sitting out) and my one friend had to show my other friend a sign of affection. Then two of my friends had to dance around like ballerinas for 30 seconds. Gosh I love stage crew(:

Later Today
My friend decided that she wanted a third ear piercing. I went over and hung out with her then I went with her to get the piercing. While we were waiting for her parents, her, two other friends, and I were playing monkey in the middle with this bouncy ball. It was the most interesting game I've ever played. We didn't have a lot of room and it was really hard to throw the ball straight so it would go out in the street or on the house roofs and once it bounce of the wires. Then my one friend decided to change the rules so that you could attack the person with the ball so he started attacking me trying to get the ball so he didn't have to be a monkey. Funniest game I've ever played.

Even Later Today
So my friends parents came home eventually and we went and had a meal that couldn't be called lunch but it couldn't be called dinner. It was sorta in between. It was sorta awkward for me though because her parents only speak Spanish so there was all this Spanish being spoken and I was so confused. Then her, her dad, her younger sister, her even younger sister, and I went to go get her ear pierced. The first two places we went to were tattoo parlors that didn't do piercings. Then we found this place but they wouldn't pierce her ear because she is only 14 and you had to be 16 or older. She was getting a little annoyed because she didn't want to have to wait 2 whole years. We found another place but the lady who did the piercings wasn't in. Finally we found a place that would do her ear. She decided that she wanted the industrial piercing which is of course the most expensive; 60 bucks. While she was waiting we were looking at all the different kinds of piercings that you could get in your ear. I decided that I want a second ear piercing and possibly a nose piercing. And maybe a bellybutton piercing in the future sometime? I'm not sure yet. But I don't know if my mom will let me get the nose piercing and she will probably never let me get my bellybutton pierced as long as I'm living under the same roof as her. My friend was getting sorta nervous about it but then the guy was ready to pierce her ear so we went into the room and she sat down and I had to hold her hair back so I got to see how it was done and everything. She said it hurt a lot but it looks pretty cool. I think I might get my second ear piercings next weekend. If I do I'll post pictures!

So that was my weekend so far. Tomorrow will be a homework/practice day. I'm already feeling the dread. Practicing is okay. In fact I love playing my instruments. It's the homework part that I don't like. But oh well. Here's some random pictures:
I love obnoxious hair things xD

I love these fake lashes.

I like this belly button piercing.

eye lashes

nose piercing that I want

lots of feather eyelashes

hedgehog bubble bath!!! :D so adorable

one of my favorite belly button piercings


I love this eyeshadow. I wish I could do my eyeshadow like that.

I like this eyeshadow too.

Eyeshadow and fake lashes

awesome eyeshadow pallet

I want one of these feather extensions.

I want to do my makeup like this and get these lashes.

HEDGEHOG... what more can I say<3

This is what my friend got.

rainbow eyeshadow

I love rainbow sprinkles!!

awesome mustache headband

Red lipstick.

My friend made me one of these. They are so cool!

I wish I could do my eyeshadow like this.

awesome nails

I like these a lot too.

And these.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


First of all it is way too early for me to be up. I'm like so tired right now. I'm on stage crew for my school's play and we have to go in Saturdays as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It really fun and a lot of my friends are either in stage crew or the play. Last year me and one of my best friends worked the batons for the play Aladdin. That was really fun. This year we are hoping to do spotlights. Spotlights are so much fun. We got to do them for last years talent show and it was the funniest thing ever. This guy who is a graduate of my school and is now in college works the light board and gives us our directions. We all wear headphones so that we can communicate without yelling really loudly. So one of the teachers was the MC and she was talking a lot and the guy working the sound board was talking to himself and he was just like "someone get her off of there, even if they have to throw a beanbag at her" During the whole talent show we got our own personal commentating. So we are hoping to do that again this year. But today I think we are going to be painting the scenery. This years play is School House Rock. It's sorta lame. They had three choices to choose from and they choose that. I personally would have voted for Guys and Dolls but oh well it will still be fun. Going to get ready for a fun day of painting. Toodles

Thursday, January 5, 2012

highlights of my day

My emotions have been playing tricks with me. One moment I'll be happy, the next angry, the next depressed, then happy again. I'm very confused, even more confused than normal. Here is a bit about my day.

Math. We got new seats today. I love math class. My teacher is awesome and it has always been my favorite subject in school. I had been sitting next to this one guy and behind one of my friends. Now I'm sitting next to this girl. She can be pretty nice but sometimes she can be mean. She isn't mean to me but she can be mean to other people. When I sat down in my new seat I found myself wishing that we hadn't changed. I used to be sitting next to this guy who I didn't really know. He was funny and sorta nice but we weren't friends at all. I barely knew him. Now I'm sitting next to this nice girl and one of my best friends is sitting closer to me, yet I find myself wishing we hadn't switched, why?

Lunch. There are no words to describe lunch really. It's just...lunch. Half the time I'm ignored by everyone except for this one girl who I'm not to fond of. She can be really annoying and it's sorta awkward because she has a crush on me. So it's not exactly like I want to talk to her. My lunch table is split into two groups and I happen to sit in the middle. For the other half of lunch I joined in the conversation at one half of the table and it was pretty fun. It's weird and annoying. On most days, no matter how good my day is going, lunch can always get me in a depressing mood.

Science. Okay so I can be a slow writer and a slow worker depending what I'm working on and how well I understand it. In science class today we had to do this worksheet. It was sorta easy but there were a few questions that confused me. I stopped once in a while to talk to one of my best friends who was sitting next to me. I ended up not finishing the questions that I didn't get so my science teacher proceeds to tell me that I had plenty of time to talk but I didn't get the worksheet done. My science teacher can be nice most of the times, but other times he annoys me, just like his tone of voice sometimes.

German. It's been going pretty good for me in german class. Today I got to sit next to another one of my best friends while we worked on this paper. It was really easy and we had some time to talk. We were talking about the upcoming band/orchestra trip in May. It will be so much fun! But the german teacher was sorta getting on my nerves. She wouldn't stop talking. She just kept on talking, and talking, and talking, and talking. It was really annoying me because I was trying to work and she just wouldn't stop talking! But overall german was pretty good.

Sewing. In sewing class we had a substitute teacher. He had us watch a video on dirty dinners and food  places. It was the most disgusting thing I ever watched. Like ewwww!! They showed cockroaches all over food and it was just gross. yuck!

Well that was a bit about my day. I gotta go finish my extra credit work for social studies and read a chapter in this book for english, and of course pet my cat. Toodles!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Humph :/

Before I even go anywhere with this blog you should all know that I am a huge procrastinator. I do nothing on time. I'm not proud of it and I wish I didn't procrastinate but I have more useful things to do than homework and such. I actually have a life. Anyways, tonight we didn't have a lot of homework, only german and literacy, and I did most of the german in class. I finished the german homework right when I got home. Our literacy homework was to go to this website on the computer and do this thingy about context something or other. I watched some tv, ate dinner, went out to get oboe and sax reeds, practiced, then went on facebook. I decided about 15 minutes ago that I need to do my literacy homework. I go to this website called "Study Island" and I remember that you need your username and password to login. When I make an account for myself I almost always have the username and password memorized. Unfortunately the school gave us these passwords and I either never got one or lost it. Now I have to figure out what to do. And it's almost midnight and I have to wake up at like 5:45 tomorrow morning :/ Well I shall sleep (or try to sleep at least). Maybe tomorrow morning will surprise me and I'll find snow on the ground and a call saying that we have no school. But I know that wont happen. But it is finally cold enough to snow. It's been like in the 20s or something(: Anyway gute nacht!



They can be nice.

They can be mean.

They can be funny.

They can be obnoxious.

They can seem like they are flirting with you.

They will then go off and flirt with other girls.

They can make your heart go wild when you are with them.

They will then ignore you for the rest of the day like you aren't even there.

I'm sure that there are guys out there that aren't so confuzzling or annoying or whatever. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any.

I found out last summer that in 6th grade, the guy who I really liked, really liked me too. And now we are really good friends. I also found out that the guy I liked in 7th grade like me at some point. Now the guy who used to be one of my best friends hardly talks to me anymore. I don't know who I like, if I even like anybody. In the beginning of the year I liked this one guy (Phil) but now I don't know any more. It's all very confuzzling for me right now......


Okay so I haven't posted in a few days but guess what guys??? I have school again :/ Over the break I like sorta forgot about school a little. And homework. Blahh. At least I'm pretty sure that I'm passing all of my classes *crosses fingers and knocks on wood* Okay so at my school we do this thing called mix it up lunch. Apparently it's like a movement that the whole country is doing or something for national peace week but it's sorta stupid. Like I completely get the point of it, to include people that feel left out and to make new friends, but it doesn't quite work that way. Last year I got put at a table with a bunch of people that I don't know but they sorta knew each other so I was sitting there and they were talking and the only thing they said to me for the whole lunch period was "what's that thing in your eye?" I get asked that a lot so I'm used to it but yeah... sounds like fun right?? *sarcastic* By the way if you are wondering the thing in my eye is a birthmark. It's like a little dot in my right eye. At least I think it's my right eye. Anyway since I'm in the highest eight grade class, our class is going to be at lunch with all the other grades and we are going to act as moderators and try to get the kids to talk. And lunches this year are longer than last year.... this will suck! But as I've been writing this blog, I've been thinking of ways to get out of doing the eighth grade mix it up lunch, and I think I found a way. My violin lesson is on Tuesdays and next Tuesday is when the mix it up lunch day is so I'm thinking what if I just happen to have a lesson during the eighth grade lunch thingy. That would be quite nice xP Here's a short story of something that happened today before I go to bed. Okay so my class was in end of day homeroom. Today was an activity day which meant that end of day homeroom was half an hour today. Our schedules are so stupid. Anyway we were supposed to be reading these two chapters of this one book. So everybody is reading, including the teacher, and I start hearing music. It sounded like it was coming from somewhere near me. I look over at the boy sitting next to me and asked him if it was him. He had his phone in his pocket on silent so it wasn't that. It also wasn't the girl sitting next to him. It was jazz music and I love jazz so I was listening to it and pretending to read my book. Suddenly I start wondering if I had my Ipod in my book bag. I usually leave it in my locker because it will start playing music randomly but I started thinking what if I didn't leave it in my locker and it started playing music. I then realized that I don't have any music that sounds like that on my Ipod. Then my friend sitting behind us leaned forward a little and whispered to the boy sitting next to me that it was coming from his backpack. The boy sitting next to me started slowly unzipping his backpack trying to be quite so that the teacher wouldn't hear. I was like trying so hard not to laugh. Eventually he got his Ipod turned off but it was really funny. Moral of the story = if you have your Ipod in your backpack; make sure it's off, or just leave it in your locker xD Well toodles for now!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I love mornings.
I love watching all the animals stir, even before the first cars are heading to work.
I love watching the sky growing lighter and lighter until the sun shows it's face right above the horizon.
I love listening to the birds chattering back and forth as they all start to awake.
I love the peace and tranquility that surrounds me before the work day begins.
I love watching the stars slowly fade away as the first rays of light streak across the sky.
I love hearing the crunch of frost sparkling on every leaf.
I love seeing the dew glittering on the strands of every spiders' web.
I love the morning, as it is the start of a brand new day and a brand new adventure.

2012 Here I Come!

Well it's 2012. Today was actually pretty nice because somehow I didn't view it as either a first or a last even though it was sort of both. I'll have to explain that in another post. I'm to content right now to start thinking about those. Anyway in my town they have always had fireworks at midnight on New Years Eve. This year apparently they were moved to like 5:30 along with the "Peep Drop." But nobody was told about this so my family went to go watch the fireworks at midnight... and there were none! There were a whole bunch of other families that had come out to watch the fireworks only to find out that there were none. Oh well it's the New Year, 2012, year of the dragon. December 21, 2012 is only 355 days away. I hope that this year is a bit better than last year. Well despite everything I'm quite happy right now, so cheers everybody and a very Happy New Year!!! :D
Peep Drop and Fireworks