Sunday, January 8, 2012


Okay so on Friday me and three of my friends went ice skating. There were a whole bunch of people there and it was really fun. Plus there was this super hot dude and every time he went off the ice my one friend had to get off too, and when he went back on she would go back on. It would have been even better if I wasn't in pain. I take tap dancing lessons and I think I did something to my hip so now it hurts a bit but it only hurts sometimes. It's weird but I'll be okay. Then towards the end, two of my friends left to go to the dog park right next to the rink and me and my other friend kept on skating and talking since we hadn't hung out in a long time. Then the two of us met up with the other two of my friends and we all went to the dog park and sat on this path talking and staring at the moon and the stars. It was so peaceful there I just wanted to stay there. Except after a while our butts got really cold! But it was really fun anyways.

Earlier Today
So today I got up way to early to go to stage crew. It was actually really fun though! Our school is doing School House Rock (which I may have already mentioned?) and we had to make paper mache planets for one of the scenes. One of my friends and I were working on Jupiter which is HUGE! The water and flower mixture which we use as glue is absolutely gross though. But we finished quickly so a couple of my friends were playing spin the bottle truth or dare (I just watched). It was soo funny! One of my friends had to go outside and sing jungle bells super loud. And our teacher was okay with it! Then we went and had a snack ad some of our friends from the cast came and joined us and they continued the game. Then they left so it was just me, three of my friends, and these two other girls. My three friends and this one girl were playing (me and the other girl were still sitting out) and my one friend had to show my other friend a sign of affection. Then two of my friends had to dance around like ballerinas for 30 seconds. Gosh I love stage crew(:

Later Today
My friend decided that she wanted a third ear piercing. I went over and hung out with her then I went with her to get the piercing. While we were waiting for her parents, her, two other friends, and I were playing monkey in the middle with this bouncy ball. It was the most interesting game I've ever played. We didn't have a lot of room and it was really hard to throw the ball straight so it would go out in the street or on the house roofs and once it bounce of the wires. Then my one friend decided to change the rules so that you could attack the person with the ball so he started attacking me trying to get the ball so he didn't have to be a monkey. Funniest game I've ever played.

Even Later Today
So my friends parents came home eventually and we went and had a meal that couldn't be called lunch but it couldn't be called dinner. It was sorta in between. It was sorta awkward for me though because her parents only speak Spanish so there was all this Spanish being spoken and I was so confused. Then her, her dad, her younger sister, her even younger sister, and I went to go get her ear pierced. The first two places we went to were tattoo parlors that didn't do piercings. Then we found this place but they wouldn't pierce her ear because she is only 14 and you had to be 16 or older. She was getting a little annoyed because she didn't want to have to wait 2 whole years. We found another place but the lady who did the piercings wasn't in. Finally we found a place that would do her ear. She decided that she wanted the industrial piercing which is of course the most expensive; 60 bucks. While she was waiting we were looking at all the different kinds of piercings that you could get in your ear. I decided that I want a second ear piercing and possibly a nose piercing. And maybe a bellybutton piercing in the future sometime? I'm not sure yet. But I don't know if my mom will let me get the nose piercing and she will probably never let me get my bellybutton pierced as long as I'm living under the same roof as her. My friend was getting sorta nervous about it but then the guy was ready to pierce her ear so we went into the room and she sat down and I had to hold her hair back so I got to see how it was done and everything. She said it hurt a lot but it looks pretty cool. I think I might get my second ear piercings next weekend. If I do I'll post pictures!

So that was my weekend so far. Tomorrow will be a homework/practice day. I'm already feeling the dread. Practicing is okay. In fact I love playing my instruments. It's the homework part that I don't like. But oh well. Here's some random pictures:
I love obnoxious hair things xD

I love these fake lashes.

I like this belly button piercing.

eye lashes

nose piercing that I want

lots of feather eyelashes

hedgehog bubble bath!!! :D so adorable

one of my favorite belly button piercings


I love this eyeshadow. I wish I could do my eyeshadow like that.

I like this eyeshadow too.

Eyeshadow and fake lashes

awesome eyeshadow pallet

I want one of these feather extensions.

I want to do my makeup like this and get these lashes.

HEDGEHOG... what more can I say<3

This is what my friend got.

rainbow eyeshadow

I love rainbow sprinkles!!

awesome mustache headband

Red lipstick.

My friend made me one of these. They are so cool!

I wish I could do my eyeshadow like this.

awesome nails

I like these a lot too.

And these.

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