Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All City Band

Okay so I like really need to go to bed but I'm going to post anyways.....like I usually do. I don't really have much time to post because I have such a busy schedule and sometimes it sucks but sometimes it's actually pretty fun. So we have a concert tomorrow. It's the All City Band concert. That's where the top fifty band players from each school get together and practice than have a concert. We practiced today and we are practicing tomorrow then we have the concert. We only have a total of 6 hours...SIX HOURS to practice and make the songs sound pretty good before the concert. We practiced almost four hours straight this morning and we are having a two hour practice tomorrow morning. We had a little 5-10 minute break but otherwise it was one song after another. We have to prepare 13 songs for tomorrows concert. It's crazy!! That's why I need as much sleep as I can get. Anyway I ended up missing some classes and the next academic class that I had was math. In math I sit next to one of my good friends and we were talking about the cute guys we saw there. She saw three and pointed out two of them to me. One of them turned out to be my GBSL (Greater Bethlehem Soccer League) assistant coach from last year and one of my other good friends knows him pretty well. My friend and I have a mission for tomorrow...get phone numbers(: I'll try to post tomorrow and tell you guys how the concert goes!

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