Friday, January 13, 2012

Jazz Band Solos

Okay so I forgot to mention this but today we had a few of our jazz band solo auditions. One of them was for this song called Jazz Cat. I absolutely love that song, it's one of my favorite pieces in our jazz band folders. Anyway there is a saxophone solo in it. We got told on Monday that we had to memorize the solos for the auditions. It was going to be me, "Phil", my one friend Alex, and this other kid. Anyway after morning orchestra practice me and Alex were walking to homeroom and he was telling me how nervous he was and how much he practiced but he was saying that I was probably going to get the solo. I already knew at that point that I probably was not going to get it. I mean Alex, even though he is a sixth grader, is really, really, really good at saxophone. Anyway I was pretty sure that he was going to get it. And I didn't have the whole solo memorized either. Only about half of it. So 3rd period we go down to jazz band and I'm like totally freaking out about the solos. I told the directer that I was going to audition for three solos and I only had one fully memorized. So we first go through this other song, Lady Madonna, and the trumpet soloists are chosen for that song. Then we go to jazz cat. Then "Phil" raised his hand and told our directer that he wasn't prepared and wasn't going to do it. I knew that I wasn't ready either so while the directer was "chatting" with "Phil" I started raising my hand to say that I wasn't going to do it either. Then my friend "Bathilda" was just like no Hannah don't do it! It was so funny! I did end up telling the directer that I wasn't going to audition for that solo so it was just going to be Alex and this other kid. For every song there has to be a back up soloist so Alex was guaranteed at least that. So they auditioned and Alex did really good, but the other kid didn't have the whole thing memorized either. And he got the back up soloist part. I could have probably have played what had memorized and had more of a chance at it. So know I'm sorta kicking myself for not auditioning but I will be auditioning for two other solos probably within the next week. Anyway this turned out to be a longer post than I intended. I just wanted to say good luck Alex for making the solo!!! (:

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