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Anyway since I didn't get to tell you about last week yesterday, I shall now. Because it's 10:45 at night and I still have a bit of really hard German homework to do so why not procrastinate even more. Oh and I just realized I have to read a chapter of a book for a test tomorrow >.< Anyways the better (sorta) parts my week:

AHHHHHH we had auditions for Liberty High school last Wednesday. I was sooo freaking excited (and a little nervous too)! So that morning after band practice, Mr. Rupnik (the director at my school) said for five people to come into his office to get passes to come down for their auditions. I wasn't one of the first five but like 3 of my friends were. We had literacy class double block (which is like an hour and a half) and since over half of my class is in either band or orchestra, we were like all freaking out and didn't get any work done. Then these two kids Nate and Travis were called down for auditions and the whole class was wishing them good luck and stuff. For once it actually seemed like we were all good friends who got along and supported each other, I knew that wouldn't last, but that day made it seem like it.
Anyway it was during 7th period that I finally got called down for auditions. I was in Seminar (gifted) at that time. My seminar class is made up of me and nine of my friends. Me and my friends Hannah, Andrew, and Alan who are in my same class were called down to auditions. When we got there, my other friends Tara and Adam were also there waiting to have their auditions. For the auditions, the high school director would call us into one of the practice rooms connecting to the band room, and listen to us play. Andrew, Adam, and I each had two instruments to audition on. While we were waiting to be called into the practice room, we were practicing our scales that had to be memorized and the piece that we chose to play. When someone would get called into the practice room, we would all wish that person good luck. The director had previously stated that he could only tell brass and string players if they made it or not and the woodwind and percussion players would have to wait for a week or two. I was like freaking out about my auditions. It was finally my turn to go in and I did my flute audition first. He asked me to play some easy scales and my piece. I played it okay though I know that I could have done better.
After my flute audition I got out my oboe. I wanted to practice my oboe a whole lot before my audition to get the reed warmed up and stuff and I didn't bother putting my flute away. I was like sooo nervous and it didn't help the fact that I supposedly wasn't going to know whether I made it or not for a couple weeks. Everyone else who was down there for auditions were doing brass or string instruments so they got to find out right away. When it was my turn for my oboe audition I went in and sat down. He was doing something on the computer so I was just sitting there. Then I see Andrew and Adam pick up my flute and try to figure out how to play it. Andrew knows a bit about flute because I lent him my extra flute (which he still hasn't returned) so he was able to actually make some sound. Adam on the other hand couldn't even get a sound out of it. It was actually quite funny watching all this through the window that's on the wall connecting the practice room to the band room.
After my oboe audition, I told the director that I was also going to audition on bagpipes (those auditions are sometime in the spring). He asked me what I wanted to do in the way of instruments so I was saying what I would do. Then he was saying how if I made it on all three I could do bagpipes in marching band, flute or oboe in concert band, and flute or oboe in orchestra which sounds pretty good to me. After he finished telling me all my options he said that I had made it into both band and orchestra so I could figure out what to do from there. I was the only woodwind player who was told if they made it or not :D

Boysgroup xP
I am now officially part of boysgroup, the after school singing group for guys at my school! I am now in every singing group there is at my school. The way it happened is that my three friends and I stayed after singers to listen to the boysgroup practice since we had extra time and nothing to do. The four of us were sorta singing along to this one song from Guys and Dolls, "Luck be a Lady". We even came up with boy names for ourselves. I am Kevin and my three friends are Steve, Dexter, and Dave. Anyway Mrs. Parker (singing director) said that she needed 3-4 girls to sing along with the guys in this one song so we are now officially part of boysgroup! And we decided that we are all going to wear fedoras(:

Unfortunately, I don't really have any more time right now. As you can probably tell, last week was super busy. I shall try to post tomorrow and I think that if I don't, I'll explode. Toodles!

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