Sunday, January 8, 2012

my very busy schedule

So I have just been thinking about all the extra things that I'm going to be doing this spring. In two weeks I have instrumental auditions for the band and orchestra at one of the high schools that I might be going to. Also sometimes in May I have bagpipe auditions for that same high school. Then next month I have instrumental and vocal auditions for another high school that I might be going to. Also I'm going to be auditioning for an orchestra in the area where I live. I have jazz band every Monday morning, orchestra every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and band every Wednesday and Friday mornings. Then on Thursday I also have jazz band during the day. Also one Mondays I have my flute lesson, on Tuesdays I have my violin lesson, and on Fridays I have my oboe and sax lessons. I have stage crew every Tuesday and Wednesday after school as well as on Saturdays. The play is in February though so that will end when the play ends. On Tuesdays after stage crew I have tap. Tap goes until June which is when the performance is. I have singing practice after school some days. I have a vocal concert in April and a vocal/band concert in May. In the April concert I have a flute duet with one of my friends. I also have four jazz band competitions in the area. Then in May I go to Virginia to compete with the band, orchestra, jazz band, and northeast singers. Wow do I have a busy schedule or what?!

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