Thursday, January 12, 2012


So for some reason I feel like I haven't written in a while. Maybe it's because my head is just spinning with all of these crazy thoughts. I'm like freaking out for auditions. I have three jazz band solo auditions either tomorrow or friday. Then next week I have highschool auditions and I don't even know what pieces I'm going to play yet. But I'll find something and it will be pretty good I bet. Ah so today after school we had a bit of excitement. I was in the sewing room with two of my friends. My one friend and I were working on our projects because we miss half of that class because of seminar. Seminar is like a gifted program at my school for students with a higher IQ. Anyway I had just finished threading the bobbin when the fire alarm goes off. My teacher told us to go grab our phones and then exit through the main entrance. So I grab my phone then I remember my Ipod which was like at the bottom of my bookbag. So I'm digging around in my bookbag for my Ipod, and I find it, and it happens to be right next to my bag of chocolate covered pretzels that I keep fin my bookbag for when I get hungry during class. So I grab two chocolate covered pretzels and we go outside. When we finally get far enough away from the school I start thinking about what I had in my bookbag and I realized that I left my coat in the room and I was freezing cold. After a couple minutes, three firetrucks and a police car came. The firemen went inside to check it out. They let us back in but they hadn't turned off the fire alarms yet. Like wouldn't you think that they would turn off the alarms before the let us back in the building?? But everything ended up being okay. I'm pretty sure that the cause of the alarms going off was a smoking kiln. That is like the third time that the kiln has set off a smoke detector. That thing needs to be fixed. So that was my excitement for the day. Band was pretty fun too but I don't have enough time to tell about it now. Well I hope I get a solo either tomorrow or friday. I'll let you guys know. Toodles!

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