Thursday, April 12, 2012

very good day(:

Well today was actually a very good day! I was included in my lunch table. Me and a few of my friends were talking about religion and politics and all that fun stuff. Me, I'm an atheist democrat. Two of my friends are also atheist democrats and we agree on a lot of things. One of my other friends is a Christian republican. We're still good friends and I respect her opinion and everything but sometimes we get into these long debates about stuff. Anyway we were talking about all of that stuff at lunch and it was really fun. Also we only have math homework for tomorrow and I did that yesterday so I have no homework(: And I skipped double block (1 and a half hours of science...eww) and had a lesson with some of my friends instead. My science teacher got a bit mad but we talked our way out of it. Then I had my swimming lesson which went very well. Tomorrow  only have like 3 classes because we are watching a movie the rest of the day. It's called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It's about this these two little boys in during the time of the holocaust and WWII. Apparently it's really sad so my friends and I are probably going to cry during the whole thing. One of my friends will be at districts (this music thing for the top ten instrumentalists in my area) so she wont be able to see the movie so we'll probably rent it and watch it again, maybe with some other friends, so that means more crying. I cry during a lot of movies. Well now I'm going to go wash the chlorine out of my hair...ick!