Saturday, April 14, 2012

best jazz fest of zee year!!

We just had our best jazz fest of the year!! My school won best trombone section, best trumpet section, my friend won best trombone soloist, and we got an overall rating of excellent!!!!!!! And I got chosen along with this other guy to go up on stage and receive the awards for our school. Afterwards some of the band parents took all the 8th graders out for pizza. Of course all the popular people went in the same car so me, my one friend, and this other guy who is more like an acquaintance, went in a car with the most popular girl's mom. I knew her mom because in elementary school she used to be my best friend and we would hang out every other day in the summer but now she's gotten more snobby and doesn't talk to me unless she has to. My one friend and I felt so awkward and out of place was really weird. We went to go sit down at the table and all the popular people sat at one end and me and two of my friends sat at the other end with our band director, his wife, his mother, and his little baby. It ended up being pretty fun and the pizza was really good (I had 4 slices!). Plus Jay (the directors baby) was so cute and adorable(: At the end I was then taken home in the same car but this time it was me, my one friend, this other guy, and my ex best friend. It was sorta awkward but her mom is pretty nice so it was okay. Overall it was a great evening!

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