Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Well this week hasn't exactly been the best week and it's not even Friday yet. Oh well it could be worse. I was just watching a video on youtube that changed my view on a lot of things. I don't really have enough time to type a lot right now but everybody reading this should watch the video. It is about half an hour long and it probably isn't the best idea to watch it while trying to do homework (as I did). But it is definitely worth watching.

Here is the video:
Kony 2012


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    1. Yeah it's a really great video. I was watching it while I was doing my homework and during that whole half hour I got nothing done. Not the smartest idea but I learned a lot.

  2. This video is horrible and wonderful at the same time...

    And: thank you so much for being my first follower :) I've been waiting so long for a first reader and here you are :D Thank you :) ♥

    1. I know I like couldn't stop watching it. I can't believe I was so clueless before.

      And your welcome! I'm glad that I was your first follower <3