Friday, March 2, 2012

and all that jazz

Okay so my school is hosting a jazz fest tonight and I'm in it. It's going to be sooo much fun I'm like so excited!!!!! We get to wear hats from all around the world because the theme is jazz around the world and I get to wear a huge bearskin hat (fake bearskin of course!) like the people in the coldstream guard! And one of my best friends is doing the spotlight so we are going to hang out up there all night(: Two of my friends and I were dancing around on the stage after school and singing in the mics and it was sooo funny! I got a bunch of videos and in the one video I got Justin (he's this college kid who used to go to my middle school and he comes back to help with the tech stuff and lighting and everything) trying to show my friend how to sing the star spangled banner, then he realized that I was recording it and he was like "that video will be shown to no one" it was really funny! I have to get ready now but I shall let you guys know how it goes XD

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