Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's a basement in my museum XD

I don't even remember when I last posted which is really sad. It's just getting really hard to find the time. Anyways I shall tell you about my Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful day(: It started at 6:30 in the morning. That part wasn't so great because I'm not exactly what you would call a morning person. I had to be at school at 7:30 for PJAS which is this science thingy. Me and some other people from my school (a lot of them were my friends) had to go present these science experiments that we did at a high school in a nearby town. The actual presenting part was horrible and really boring, not to mention that I wrote my whole speech and did my transparencies the night before, but the bus ride was really fun. Me and the people from my middle school had to share a bus with these kids from another middle school, one of them is this guy (who shall be known as Herbert) and he is cute and smart and funny. So I walked onto the bus with my friends and I was like "OMG!!!! It's Herbert!" I had brought my Ipod so we were listening to music, then we got there and presented. Well more like we got there an hour early so we had to wait outside the rooms where we were presenting for like 50 minutes then we presented.
I knew no one.... NO ONE in my group. That part was horrible but I already knew that I was going to be bad so I just walked up there and said my 2-3 minute speech that was supposed to be like 6-10 minutes and got it over with quickly xP

The bus ride back was soo much fun though! The kids from the other middle school sat in the way back of the bus so my two friends and I sat right in front of them and two of my other friends sat right in front of us. I looked back and guess who was sitting right behind me? HERBERT!! He was being so silly and goofy and he gave one of my friends his phone number xD He made me laugh so much!

Then later three of my friends came over and we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show! We were making up our own commentary to the show that was very interesting. Then we were talking and playing piano. My one friend (and incidentally the guy I sorta have a crush on) can play like any instrument under the sun and he picked up my lap harp and wanted to tune it. We couldn't find the tuner so we thought it might have slipped off the bookshelf where its supposed to be and fell down the basement stairs that are right next to the book shelf. So we went down to the basement and my basement is so full of junk and strange things, it's crazy. The two of us couldn't find it so we decided to explore a bit. Since I had once found a cello and violin in the basement we thought there might be some other instruments that we could learn, or at least something interesting. We found this Egyptian chess set that was really cool. I played him in chess and I lost because he was getting help from another friend. Then one of my friends had to leave so I played my other friend who beat me too. Then he had to leave so it was just me and my crush sitting there with the chess set. We started wondering about the chess set and where it came from and everything and we decided to explore the basement some more. He was just like "wow there's a basement in your museum......I mean there's a museum in your basement" and we were laughing. Then he found this story that I wrote on a paper bag in 2nd grade with a lot of spelling errors. Also inside the bag were little paper cutouts glued to Popsicle sticks. He decided to read the story and emphasize every misspelled word and use the little characters. We were laughing so hard by the time he was finished. We didn't find anything else really interesting in the basement but we spent like an hour and a half down there and by the time he left it was almost midnight. All in all it was a wonderful day (:

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