Wednesday, February 29, 2012

crappy year

So I was just looking back at my eighth grade year, and while yeah there were some good things, this year has been a pretty crappy year.
I always seem to not have enough time to do all my homework and get enough sleep so it's either one or the other.
There is so much drama going on it's just crazy.
This is my first year getting B's and C's on my report cards and midquarters.
I still have to finish my honors application which is due in two days and we have to include a writing sample and I don't have a good writing sample to submit.
The PSSA's (these huge tests) are coming up and all the teacher's are freaking out trying to get us prepared.
Plus it's all cold and rainy outside half the time. I just wish summer would come sooner. I am in great need of a vacation. I need to go to a nice warm beach somewhere and go swimming and get a tan.

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